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BNW Cheat Sheet

Rolling Dice

  When you want to do something involving dice, say what you want to do and the gamemaster will tell you the Target Number. This is what you have to roll equal to or greater than to succeed.   To roll the dice, you will type the following, and spaces are important:   $Xd6 +Y   where X equals the NUMBER of dice you want to roll (this will be: Smarts, Speed, Spirit, Strength or a damage number from a weapon/power) and Y equals any bonus (either a skill number, or any number written as +#) So for a Speed of 5 and a Shooting of 5 you would roll:   $5d6 +5   Remember the space between the 6 and the +. This will give you a result that's your total.   For every 5 above the target number, you get an Extra Success (XS). For many powers you will be able to do special things with your XS's.   If, when you roll, your dice come up more 1's than anything else, you have suffered a Disaster and something bad happens.  


  To determine when people act and in what order, roll initiative. This is a Speed roll. You get to act once, plus one more time for succeeding and one for every XS.   If you are in combat and you hit something you need to know where you hit so type:   hitloc   and it will tell you where you hit; if you hit someone in the head, roll an extra 2d6 when you roll of damage. Damage you can deal will be listed under a weapon or power.   If *you* get attacked, you MAY give up your next action to Dodge. Roll Dodge and this becomes the new TN for the bad guy to hit you.   If you get hit, refer to the figure on the bottom right of your sheet and your gear/powers referring to armor. The GM will give you a damage number and you will subtract your armor from it, and divide the remainder by your Size. This is how much damage you take to the location on the figure. You add the highest amount of damage you've taken to any one location to the TN of future rolls.   You may also have to resist Stun. If you've taken damage you have to make a Strength roll with a TN of 5 to stay upright and functional; if you fail you are Stunned and can't do anything until you recover.

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