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The Grand Duchy of Roste


The organizational structure of the Grand Duchy is very much that of its neighbours; it is headed by the Duke, and below him are various nobles of other ranks, such as grafs (counts), barons, etc.

Public Agenda

The interests of the Grand Duke is the same for his populace -- securing peace and security of the land first and foremost. The Duke is also quite keen on expanding the operations of local merchant guilds, bringing more economic activity to his lands. The interests of Roste also align with that of the Kaiser himself, maintaining success of the realm and giving loyal support to him and his geopolitical aims.


As the richest province of the Empire, Roste possesses vast and inordinate amounts of wealth within its coffers. Trade is a large constituent of this, and because of this, a well trained and well equipped professional military force is required to guard it. As a result, trade within the realm is secure and steady.


The territory that comprises Roste today was formally recognized as a state during the times of the Elven empire that stood before the Cimborman one. Following the former empire's dissolution, the Manfolk of Roste quickly organized and formed their own formal government, allying with the Grand Duchy of Ithalia-Sondar which had done the same. This was called the Cimborman Confederation, and was a time of great socio-political turmoil within Roste.   The area was largely already a great mercantile zone in the days of the old empire, therefore Roste already had a large industrial and trade market established which aided it in growing and expanding its influence. Following a short war with a small Cimboric nation called Vlaamland, it was incorporated into the duchy and further aided it as it expanded. For the past few centuries, Roste is largely considered the mercantile centre of both the Empire and Vreya as a whole, as all trade ends up being steered towards and going through Opijnen at some point.

Demography and Population

Roste has a population around 1.320,000 citizens. Primarily this population is made up of humans, though a small population of Dwarven craftsmen and merchants and an even smaller of Elves is present. Dwarves are held to the same social status as their Man counterparts, however Elves are often subject to racial tensions and discrimination. As a result, most Elves in the land live in utter poverty and squalor. Dwarves and Man, on the other hand, live in relatively good or superb conditions given the times, and many of the wealthiest citizens of the Empire reside within Roste.


The military force of Roste, as per the will of Duke Gysbert and his predecessors, is an extremely well-trained and well-funded professional army. These men fall under the banner of the Empire as well, though are under Duke Gysbert's direct control and administration. Its ranks are made up largely of pikes and greatswords, supported by handcannoners armed with novel arqubusiers, which have quickly phased out older crossbows kept for more isolated local village militias. Infantry have also been seen in units armed with sword, spear and shield, though these men are kept for more internal peacekeeping duties than warring with other nations.    The cavalry forces of Roste is made up primarily of heavier armoured mounted forces, such as knights or lancers. The Grand Duchy also possesses some of the finest Dwarven black powder cannons and weapons making up its artillery corps. Grand cannons, mortars, and volley guns of superb craftsmanship can be seen supporting the nation's armed forces in the field.   With such stated, it is well known throughout the Empire that the greatest pikemen hail from Roste. Pikes are often paired up with arquebusiers in unique formations never before seen, and quickly spreading around the Empire as a result due to their efficiency in combat, and ability to fight off larger armies with few casualties. Men armed with massive zweihandwer blades popular in other regions of the Empire are sent ahead of the pikes to neuter the enemies long spears. Then pikes move up to poke holes in enemy lines. This new combat tactic is spreading like wildfire amongst other armies, and was devised by Duke Gysbert himself in thinking of more profitable way to engage hostile forces with fewer casualties.

Our blood, our pride

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Geopolitical, Duchy
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Monarchy, Absolute
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Feudal state
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Market economy
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