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Vreya, a land of rugged mountains and green valleys, or rolling plains of golden wheat and long grasses, a land that both feels the south winds warm kiss and the might of the cold north winds gales. It is a land of extremes, a land of conflicts, a land where men, elf and dwarf shed their blood as the aeons pass playing the great games of nations and empires.   It has been over one thousand years since the death of the Elasi Empire that was once the pride of the elven people, destroyed by an alliance of Humans and Dwarves who had lived for centuries under the elven whip. Now the continent is fractured as new ideas struggle for dominance with the old. In the central regions of the continent the loose collection of states known as the Cimborman Empire struggle amongst each other as religion and race slowly threaten the foundations of an empire that has stood for almost a thousand years. Farther to the north the religious heart of over half of Vreya wrestles with itself as priest grow dissatisfied with Ecclesarichal control.   New technology also has changed the world, the use of gunpowder has changed the face of warfare and threatens the old social order. The printing press has lead to the common people having access to books and information has become readily available. A rising middle class struggles to find its place in a society that has been dominated by nobility for over a thousand years. To the west a new continent has been discovered, a land of savage beauty, an untamed wilderness that beckons to Vreya like a light in the darkness. To the east the lands of the orient also tantalize with their wealth of gold and spices, the allure of exotic empires from the states of Qey to the Yellow Coast.   This is a time of great change in the world, men will rise to meet the challenges as a new age comes upon the world. Nations will fall, empires will rise. Who has the strength and will to ensure that their people survive these turbulent times?