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Welcome to the Land of Vrestron, a land that, on the surface, seems calm and gentle, even peaceful. But looking a little closer unveils the constant turmoil coming from many different origins. Politically, things are tense. Nearly twenty years ago, the Kingdom of Jald and the Kinban Empire sat down to make a peaceful trade agreement, or at least, that's what everyone thought. After two weeks of negotiations and shouting, the High King of Jald and the Kinban Emperor returned to their counties from the Kingdom of Ce'ke, and began planning war. Fortunately, or Unfortunately, the High Priests and Priestesses intervened with a warning. It either Country marches their troops through the Southern path, and effectively, through the Holy City, the Leaders will be Demonized. The Path of Cabri is a major religion for both countries, meaning that the Leaders had enough fear of both the Gods and a possible revolution to know better. In response, Both countries have opened up Negotiations with the Dwarven Tribes of Sreq. Should the Tribes of Sreq favor them, they will have passage to attack the other country. The Dwarven Tribes are well aware that should they choose, their lands will be turned into battlefields and they risk everything. and should they choose wrong, they could be wiped out from existence.   This concentration on the "Invisible war" has led to a spike in Poverty, homelessness, disease and death (The last two as a result of the first two). This is because of the higher taxes and focus on the Possibility of war and so in preparation, they fund it, every year, for the past twenty years. this has also led to a spike in Crime as over the last fifteen years, in order to make ends meet or survive, People have turned to pick-pocketing and stealing.This growth of the Underground has, inevitably, led to a Surge in major players, Including, but not limited to, Adkas--a Tiefling Arms-dealer who will sell to anyone for a profit and has amassed both magical and political power on behalf of the Kingdom of Ce'ke--, Jader-- A Human Pirate Fence, who will buy and sell almost any stolen goods-- and Vellith--a Tiefling thief who earned the name of the Shadow due to being able to steal everything without being caught.   There is also a place for people who walk the line between the Underground and the Countries above where many thieves have found a more stable place to find refuge. these are the Spies, Masters of Deception for the country they represent, Masters of shadows who steal secrets and information rather than gold and gems, which, in many cases, can be more valuable. They receive training and tasks that are far more difficult than many thieves are used to, leading to many of these potential spies to be killed before their first day in the field. They could be anywhere, or anyone, the man who came in last night, or the woman who has been here for five years who served his drink. Their ability to pass unnoticed is what makes them that much more frightening. And Gods help you if they should take an interest in you.   On the other hand, there are a good number of thieves and civilians that blame the Empire or Kingdom rather than trusting in their leader, and when offered this choice, would rather die than feed into what they deem a corrupt, cruel, and selfish Government. In fact, there are a group of people toeing the line of Bandits who look at the King and Emperor and the laws they've created as filth to be wiped away and started again. The Legality of Slavery in Jald and the Extreme Poverty in Kinban are just some of the many reasons why the Government does not have as many fans as the church, which preaches equality and peace and love and supporting each other to grow strong as a group.