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The planet named Voynamir is the birthplace and eventual home planet of the Mregian galactic empire.   This planet is a bit smaller than earth, and has a bit less water. Gravity is less, but the planet is rich in Lerite, a powerful material that allows many of the planets residents to move objects from afar (among other things)   It has 2 moons, one about the size of earths, and one a much smaller.

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  • Map of Vona map

    This is a more refined map of my world. In it we have several continents.  


    The continent I have spent most of my time fleshing out, it is home to the Mregian Empire, who conquered the other 2 countries on the continent after 30 years of war.  


    The largest continent full of many different cultures which I haven't gotten around to creating yet. The main deal of Rezakia is that it is absolutely plagued by pirates, ruled by seven factions in turn ruled by Seven pirate lords. These pirate lords used to be admirals in service to Rezakias largest country. The most powerful navy the world has ever seen. After winning a great war with the Lioce empire, they were kind of out of a job... so some of them turned to piracy, using their extremely powerful fleets to raid the various coastal countries of Rezakia. This lead to a civil war between loyalist admirals and their less moral opposers, unfortunately the loyalists lost, and the continent was taken hostage. A few smaller islands were taken over completely by the Seven pirate lords that survived the civil war, giving them powerful fortresses from which to launch raids and maintain their territory.  


    Although this continent is called Mizralia by its inhabitants, the world has taken to calling them Mryzlirians. A fitting name as it means "Snowmen". The continent is the coldest one by far, and even connected to the northern ice sheets. The intense cold and tight packing of small islands cause the surrounding waters to freeze over completely during winter, giving the country a very effective defence against sea going vessels. To survive in such a cold place, the Mryzlirians had to get greedy, smart, and innovative. They are very involved in trade, and have become a powerhouse of technology, which they trade in exchange for food, which can't easily grow on the continent.  


    The second largest continent, it was once a the seat of power for the most powerful empire in the ancient world. They conquered half the world over the course of hundreds of years. Unfortunately they lacked the power to keep it. Instability, rebellions, religious fantatics. The final nail in their coffin was losing the war with Rezakia. The Empire began crumbling at an astonishing speed. Almost overnight they lost Mryzliria, Mylito, and esowek, the religious fanatics that they unintentionally created all migrated to the Ikrevian isles, Swearing to return and cleanse the world of infidels.  


    A highly authoritatrian religious country. It's inhabitants either fear for their lives, or have an unhealthy obsession with bringing the word of god to the rest of the world. If you do not accept him as the one true god, and repent for your sins, then you are better off dead. Executions are a daily occurence, usually involving fire. A portion of their military are insane lunatics. Leromirs are enslaved and turned into "Demons". Any neglicence of your religious duties could mean painful retribution.  


    A country of transhumanists, who worship the same god as Ikrevia. They interpret the holy book differently though, thinking that Krevala, their god, wishes for his children to join him as equals. To this end, Arlerikians research technology religiously, with very little laws holding them back. Each day a new discovery or invention is celebrated somewhere in the country.   Despite having a very different view of the holy book, Ikrevia and Arlerik are political allies. But many people doubt the strength of their friendship.  


    A country now ruled by an alien robotic overlord, Mylito was once a proud nation, wishing to just live in peace and not take sides in any sort of war. They managed this quite well for hundreds of years, until the Lioce Empire conquered them.   After the Empire crumbled, they wrenched themselves free of it's grasp in a bloody uprising. Their freedom didn't last long however, as one days during a time of global war, an alien craft arose from the ocean, and began an assault to take over their continent. They didn't stand a chance. Fortunately, their new robotic overlord was only interested in self defence, and tried not to disturb the locals too much. Eventually it pledged to protect them, and apologized for invading their land. Now, the country is guarded by an army of advanced robotic drones.    


    The small island of Esowek is split up into various clans or tribes, who often fight each other for territory. They were the first to be conquered by Lioce, and now have a seething hatred of their northern neighbours. This has united them for the most part, giving them all a common enemy to fight against.

  • Map of Mylito

    A country ruled by a titanic robot overlord.

  • Map of Nylicert 2
  • Map of Rezakian war
  • Map of Arrowhead island

    The home of the Sathar prosthetics hospital and Nost city.

  • Map of Shohadyr

    A city built around the worlds largest quarry.

  • Map of Kalgitia capitol

    The Kalgitian Capitol is ancient, and used to be the seat of power to the worlds strongest military. After the unification wars, most of the ancient walls protecting it have been reduced to rubble, but a few still stand.   The city has a canal, which goes down the middle and out to sea, it acts as an extra bit of defence, and used to divide the poor in the southern districts, from the rich in then northern districts, where the caslte sits atop a cliff.