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31st Cry of the Monarch, 61 FR

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Vornioss, the Pillarscape, is an artificial world that has now become the last habitable space in the known universe. Home to strange creatures and diverse civilizations that struggle to prosper and thrive, Vornioss is a technological marvel whose creators have long since gone into hiding. A gigantic pillar binds the world together, surrounded by asteroid belts and the shattered remains of planets once so full of life. Outside the edge of habitable space around Vornioss lies the Withersea, an endless void believed to be the home of demons and ancient evil. Few have returned from the Withersea alive, and fewer still have come back with their sanity intact. Some believe Vornioss to be a prison, a cruel contraption made to punish the mortal beings. Others believe it to be a shining beacon of hope, a refuge from the endless void beyond.   The Pillarscape itself is managed by an intricate hivemind of robotic creatures that maintain the land and control the elements with the use of mysterious forces known as the Worldly Machines. These machines and robotic constructs can be manipulated by the strong-willed and cunning to harness their power. The pursuit of knowledge about the inner workings of the Pillarscape has been cause for many wars and disasters throughout history, and the world itself often retaliates against such violation of the natural order.   NOTE: This wiki is still early in development. Much of the content is a work in progress, out outright missing. Read at your own risk! ;)    

Vornioss Blog #6, April 30th 2020

  If writer's block had an ass, I believe I just kicked it. And to think that all it took was to stop obsessing over irrelevant details and just get on with the damn story to sort it out later. So, what do we have here? People fighting over territory and resources? In my post-apocalyptic fantasy world? It's more likely than you think! So likely, in fact, that it hasn't even been a decade and those silly humans are back to fighting each other when they could all band together and kick the Tuawik straight into space. But of course they're not going to do that. Because I, the writer, won't let them. Where's the fun in writing a dreadful apocalypse-world if everyone just got along?   Read the entire blog post here: Vornioss Blog #6, April 30th 2020 
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