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Rituals of Birth throughout Vóreios

The many cultures of Vóreios have various birth traditions. Most of these traditions stem from a desire to provide the best life possible to the newly made life and ensure that life is healthy and long.   Dwarves
When a Dwarven child is born it is considered tradition for members of the family to place various gems, stones, and minerals carved with runes of blessings in the crib of the child. It is believed these earth minerals strengthen the child and grant the Dwarf God Durukeln's blessing. Once the child becomes an adult and has children of their own, it is customary for them to give the minerals they were gifted as a child to their children. It is not uncommon for family's that have saved these gifts for generations to have fashioned in time fashioned them into a crib. These cribs are grand works of stonemasonry with many gems decoratively inlaid.
When an Elven child is born it is a momentous occasion as Elves rarely reproduce due to their long lives. An Elven child is taken and submerged in the Twilight Well, a holy well of silvery-blue water said to have been drawn from the stars themselves. It is this submergence in the Twilight Well that is said to bless the Elves and unite them with their Elven ancestors.   Halflings
When a child is born amongst the Halflings a typical week long party of friends and family coming and going is customary. It is expected For the parents of the newborn babe to have presents for all those that stop by, and for them to receive as well. These gifts are usually small pleasantries or tiny homemade goods, but it is the thought and time spent together that counts.   Half-Orcs
A Half-Orc birthing tradition is to leave the child in its crib outside at night during its first month of life. It is believed exposing the child to the elements and harsh conditions of the world at an early age make them strong. However, they are not left unsupervised. Typically the mother and father and any other family members take turns guarding the child. If a mother and father ask someone to help and guard their newborn child it is considered a great honor.

The Jøtun share a tradition similar to that of the Half-Orcs. A newborn Jøtun child is left to sleep out under the nights sky for its first month of life as it is believed the open and cool air will make the child healthy and heartier. On top of being left under the night's sky, the community is expected to come by and sing songs of the heroics of the Jøtun Gods, Goddesses, and Jøtun of legend to help weave a good and honorable fate for child while its markings still develop.   Kingdoms of Men
In the Kingdom of Númenas, newborns are often take to the temples of their families chosen deity and blessed by a priest of that God or Goddess. In Serace the families of newborn children are gifted with fresh fruits and vegetables and meats for the family and well wishers to enjoy and celebrate. In Erud, newborn babies go through what is called a scarring, which involves small cuts being placed along either the arms, chest, or face and then not allowed to heal properly. It is believed that scarring makes the child more resilient and also receive the blessing of their family's deity.

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