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At the western most edge of the realm of Vorazun is the Wallechian Peninsula and island of Allavaña. The peninsula, cut of from the rest of the realm by a vast desert known as the Nerkit Expanse and harsh Karaz mountain range. For nearly 1000 years there have been relatively few outsiders to the region and little is known to the rest of Vorazun. Wallechia has seen the rise and fall of various cities and rulers, however most of the region is still untamed.



The Rising

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

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  • Map of The Wallechian Peninsula

    The Wallechian Peninsula is the western most point in the realm of Vorazun. Across the Nekrit Expanse, a vast desert that separates Wallechia from Drellesh, the peninsula remains relatively unknown to all but the brave and hardy few that choose to venture across the expanse.