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Vorad, A new Age

907 of the Bright Age

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A world shaped by gods, Shaphur was once a world of Fire and Ash, then remade into a world of Blood and Beasts.
For millennia, the Mythic Beasts reigned, Krakens, Hydras, Basilisk's, Griffons and Dragons ruled the world, battling each other for supremacy of a world remade from ash. In the wake of these Beasts humanity was left scrambling in the mud below them. This was a time when monsters ruled the world, and it was a world drenched in blood.
That time has passed, now most of the Mythic Beasts are extinct, and those that remain are largely simple beasts, savage and unintelligent. This is an age of humans, but this age has no less blood to spill. A new age is dawning, Old Empires are stirring, new Kingdoms are rising and the lands of Vorad will never be the same again.