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Vondu has been around for God knows when. All manner of beings roam here, from Chlek to Elves and Dwarves, though Humans are the most numerous. There are few precious commodities and those they do have are hoarded like a chipmunks winter stash. There is such a large gap between the Royals, Nobles, Gentry and the Commoners that it causes arguments, skirmishes, and wars to break out all the time. Then there is the stigma of someone being different then someone else. That right there has caused more trouble then anything else, except for religion.   Religion is a whole other kettle of fish that no one really wants to explain, so I will. The Cult of the Beast is the largest growing religion on all of the continents, so many are quick to convert its left little in the way of what was once a proud heritage. Its all been swept to the way side by fanaticism. Children have no knowledge of what was once their burial rites or birthings, since such things are not allowed within the Cult.   Setting aside my own dislike for the Cult of the Beast, I shall now tell you off the wonders of Vondu. Oh they are many! Great rivers large enough I can sail my ship half way up the continent, forests so dense only Elves can pass, mines and caves so numerous a dwarf would salivate at just the thought! Jewels so bright that Humans are lost within their depths for years, wasting away in front of the pretties. Plains so vast a Chlek wont know what to do beyond stopping and rolling around in the tall grass as if he was a playful cub once more. My home is a wondrous place once you get passed the bigotry and greed that runs amok.     I am Vakosh, the Wanderer, and I hope you enjoy your time here in Vondu!