Toril was the third planet from the Sun in Realmspace. It was orbited by one moon named Selûne, and by a cluster of asteroids, known as the Tears of Selûne. Throughout most of its history, Toril was known less commonly as Abeir-Toril. The name "Abeir-Toril" was archaic, meaning "cradle of life" in an extinct and forgotten language. Since the Spellplague and the revelation of the existence of a planetary sibling known as Abeir, and the fact that both Abeir and Toril were once united, the latter name came to informally mean the formerly united worlds of Abeir and Toril.
Toril was an Earth-sized planet that consisted of various continents and islands, including Faerûn, Kara-Tur, and Zakhara in the central super-continent and, throughout most of its history Anchorome, Maztica, and Katashaka in the western region of the world. There was also one large and very mysterious continent east of Kara-Tur called Osse whose nature and inhabitants were all but unknown. Following the Spellplague, however, Maztica was sent to Abeir, the sibling world of Toril, and a new continent, Laerakond, appeared in the west. Maztica returned to Toril during the Second Sundering.

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