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The Age of Fates

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The Aether came into existence and brought with it the birth of Pekin, the creator. As the embodiment of the Aether, Pekin is the very will of the universe. With his reach, he created the Elementals and taught them how to shape the Aether to create planes of existence, and inside those planes how to mold and foster life.   The primary plain that gives life to mortals is Volserd, named for the first human to take charge of leading the tribes of people, Volen. Volen is the first of the Fates, and takes governance over the growth and wealth of the human civilization, leading their growth and eventual mixing with other races found on the plane.   Outside the sealed off Volserd lies many dark, ancient evils trying to open the aetherial paths to the plane of mortals so they can feast upon the aetherial essence that makes the plane thrive.   ----------   Are you a player? Start with these:   Player Brief - Home rules and how the game is ran   Player Brief - The World


Adventurers of Volserd

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Explore the world of Volserd as you start your career in the Adventurer's Guild.