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The Voldrelm is an ancient and mysterious world, containing many varied races, and endless legends both dark and light. The immortal Callenthi race are tied in with the creation of this world, and their secrets and magic inextricably intertwined. The largest of the countries in the Voldrelm is the Greater Realm of Farveld, which is about 900 miles long on its north-south axis, and about 1000 miles wide (from the wild lands of Deorvold to the eastern edge of the vast forest known as the Viorwood). However, most of Farveld is about 600 miles wide east to west. Numerous islands surround Farveld, varying in size, and these also comprise distinct colonies of Farveld, or in the case of Kurakut and Thrombyorg, self-governing states. Olvitra is a colony of Kurakut, and the southern islands of Dagnvald, Starkvald, Krukvald and Harrbyorg are Farveldan colonies, as are the outer lands known as Farveldia (or Farveld Minor). All these realms are generally ruled over by the Callenthi Emperor, currently Imperial Proctor Althidor Lusan (who has been ruling since Emperor Soliestas died), from his seat of divine rule in the great city of Cylestol, which sits halfway up the eastern coast of Farveld. There are a number of other large trading ports and settlements, scattered throughout the Voldrelm. Climate ranges from temperate to arctic, with corresponding weather. The geography encompasses grassy plains, rolling hills, mountain ranges, forest and rugged coast, and in the arctic regions frozen steppes also. The Voldrelm is peopled by a wide variety of different races: Callenthi, human, heimfolk, gargan, grakthal, olving, badarunthi, and many others.   The Voldrelm is also a place of powerful planar magic. Rifts open to other worlds in many places, and certain nefarious creatures take advantage of this to further their agendas. Then of course, there are the Planespheres... luminous globes of dimensional energy, either tiny or large. Created to put an end to the Grim Epoch (or Days of Tears) they power all manner of machines and magic in the Voldrelm, and represent a new kind of industrial revolution in this strange world. Now that Emberlord Xarafax has been sent back into the Dark Planes and the monstrous beasts known as Riffthera have been banished, it seems that the Voldrelm has been ruptured somehow, and other planes are beginning to "leak" into the world... at times, in certain parts of Farveld, the skies seem different, as if belonging to another realm entirely. The Imperial Proctor Lord Althidon Lusan has now established a Guild of Planar Custodians (Planekeepers) to erect proper portals around the myriad planar gateways now in existence throughout the realm. They call them Riftgates. Of course, many of these are still wild and have not been tamed.... you never know where a Riftgate will open up...