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The Waywards Tavern

The Waywards Tavern is a jovial place full of welcoming folks and many entertaining nights are bound to happen.

Written by Deathshot

The only tavern in the town of Ansel and within 50 miles of the town of Ansel in any direction. It is built out of sturdy oak planks. It is a busy tavern in the evening but does have some visitors during the daytime. The tavern is a single story with one main room and a smaller room to the back where the owner and his daughter live. There are many tables and seats for customers and a bar as well. The building has a massive fireplace in the back of the room to provide heating as well as is used to cook, which spreads delicious food scents throughout the whole room. In front of the fireplace is a carpeted area for any entertainers to stand. Owen Cooper often hires a friend of his (Neirin Horn) to play music for the occupants of the tavern at night. There are many drinks on tap, but the house special is the Bottle of Madness.

Purpose / Function

This building was originally built as a tavern to entertain and provide food and drink to the people of Ansel, and is still being used as a tavern to this day and will for a long time after.


The inside of the tavern is two rooms, one open to the public, and one that is private and is Owen and Beth's room. The main room is 250' by 250' and is made out of oak plank walls, and redwood counters, tables, chairs, and stools. There are lanterns, torches, and four chandeliers that are hanging from the ceiling.


There are several windows that can be opened or closed, they can also be locked from the inside. There is a double door entrance at the front that again locks from the inside. The only other door connects to Owen and Beth Cooper's rooms which has two windows in it, each in one side of the partion that divides Beth and Owen's beds.

Sensory & Appearance

There are four chandeliers on the ceiling, candles set on the tables and a massive fireplace on the back wall. There are also some lanterns and torches spread about the tavern. The room is always warm in the winter thanks to the fireplace, but when it is the summer, the leaves and around the tavern help block out the sunlight and keep the building cool. The fireplace is also used to cook and spreads delicous scents throughout the tavern, which subtly encourages customers to buy some food to satisfy their stomachs.


Anybody can enter the building as long as the bouncers let them in. The only people who call the place home are Owen and Beth Cooper who have a room in the back that they live in. Other people important to the inn are the bard Neihirn Horn, Donelia Shelfiel who is a waitress, and Hades Blodeuedd who is the chef and at the tavern.

Contents & Furnishings

The main room has several long tables and round tables each with several chairs. The bar has several stools to sit on. There are several barrels and chests to hold food supplies, mugs, and other items the tavern needs.


The tavern has a strongbox in which they keep all of their money which by the end of the day is almost 400 copper pieces. There are also a masterfully made statue made of Anselian steel on the bar counter.


Not too many alterations have been made other than increased structural support, and added windows Owen Cooper hopes to one day upgrade the tavern significantly by adding sleeping rooms that can be rented, a seperate kitchen, and a big rentable room for groups or private meals. This is because he hopes to make it an inn and bring in more buisness.


The tavern is built and shaped in a medieval building style and the building uses oak wood as the main building element along with some redwood surfaces, such as the bar, tables, chairs, and stools.


The tavern is high up in a massive oak tree with a staircase that can be pulled up to keep people out. The tavern also has two burly guards who are the bouncers. The guards wear Anselian steel chain mail under leather tunics and wear Anselian steel helmets and Anselian long swords. The walls are inch thick wooden planks soaked in a fire retardant material to prevent the tavern from burning incase of a fallen torch or sparks escape the fireplace.


Around 600 AD a wizard grew the tree the tavern now resides in. The growing of the tree was witnessed by the town's founder, Jonathan Ansel. The original builder of the tavern was Mathias Cooper. Who was Owen Cooper's grandfather, since the time of its construction the inn has received much buisness as the only tavern or brewhouse in town or the area. Owen Cooper's father, Grayson Cooper discovered that the massive oak tree's sap when consumed showed wonderful illusions to the consumer. He made it into a drink and it became the tavern's signature drink. The Bottle of Madness. When Owen Cooper gained ownership of the tavern after his parents died he began planning to expand the tavern to make it a full out inn. He had plans to add a second and maybe even a third floor, rooms to rent for weeks on end. Maybe even add a big empty room that could be rented for private parties, the possibilities were only limited by his mind, and the money in his pocket. Expanding so much would be expensive and take time, but Owen is in his prime and is set on doing it.


There are not many people who visit the area as it is a small city in the middle of nowhere with the next closest town being 50 miles away. The few people who do visit are mainly traders and merchants seeking to trade or are traveling to destinations beyond. Those few tourists who do come, come to see the famous forge where Anselian Steel is forged and to try the one of a kind Bottle of Madness and enjoy the beautiful forest around the town.
Drinks: Cost:
  Bottle of Madness: First is on the house then 3sp
  Ale: 4cp per mug/12cp per pitcher
  Elven Wine: 6cp per goblet/2sp per pitcher
  Apple Cider: 3cp per glass/10cp per pitcher
  Water: 1cp per glass/5cp per pitcher
Menu: Cost:
  Your choice of eggs and bacon: 5cp
  Waffles and Maple Syrup: 8cp
  *change maple syrup to syrup from tree: +1 cp
  Choice of eggs, toast, & bacon: 7cp
  *add jam: +1cp
  *can exchange bacon for sausage
  Loaf of bread, fried potatoes: 6cp
  Cob of Corn, roast chicken Garlic bread: 8cp
  Elven lembas bread, vegetable or salad: 9cp
  Ribs with barbeque sauce & bread: 12cp
  Steak and steamed mushrooms: 15cp
  Roast goose and vegetables: 8cp
  Pork chops and mashed potatoes with gravy: 8cp
  Beef stew and loaf of bread: 10cp
  Salad (fruit or vegetable): 4cp
  Slice of toast: 2cp
  Apple pie: 3cp per slice
  Chocolate brownie: 4cp per brownie
  Pudding (chocolate, vanilla, banana cream): 5cp per cup
  Candied Fruits: 5cp per bowl
  *(glazed in honey, chocolate,or syrup from the tree) 15 candied fruit per bowl
Founding Date
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Sign at the taverns door:
  Welcome to the Waywards Tavern
Enjoy your Stay
A traveler who once visited left a review about the tavern with Owen.   The review reads as follows: The Waywards Tavern is not the finest inn by far, but it more than makes up by that in its welcoming and jovial atmosphere where everybody can find entertainment, from card and dice games to the bard or storyteller entertaining the audience. The meals are guite good and served in perfect portions to fill one up with room for desert. And if you haven't tried the Bottle of Madness you haven't seen anything yet. But note of caution the effects of the bottle are rather dizzying the first time. The barkeeper, Owen is quite a friendly fellow who can talk your ear off or will listen while you talk his off, all the while serving other customers. Altogther I would rate the place a solid 11 out of 10.

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Mar 21, 2022 20:25 by Michael Chandra

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