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Frags Paints-Dreams-in-Blood

Peacekeeper Frags Paints-Dreams-in-Blood

Frags is a Peacekeeper with the Joint Nomad Fleet. He's a Scourge caste voidbrood of the Chimera Cabal.   He's part of Wrath Sings-to-the-Void's crew.

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Frags carries a modified Tankbuster railgun with a bayonet attached below the barrel.

Mental characteristics


Frags works as a Peacekeeper for the JNF. He's a sniper and close combat specialist, and the logistics supervisor on the Shadow.

Intellectual Characteristics

Frags is cold and logical. He doesn't like interactions that get personal or emotional, nor physical closeness.   But he's also a very good listener and often notices details others may miss. He knows a lie when he hears it and he can tell when people are withholding information. He knows how to talk to people to give him what he wants, and thus usually the one who gets sent to negotiate and gather information.   He follows the rules and is respectful to those higher up the foodchain, which landed him the assignment with Wrath's crew. He's not yet sure if he likes it.

Morality & Philosophy

He likes his place clean and orderly. In his opinion, bloody messes are for the battlefield, a concept that Hunger doesn't seem to understand.

Chimera Voidbrood
Current Residence
JNFV A Shadow Beneath A Nameless Sun
Gender Identity
demiboy (he/him)
Skin Tone
dark gray
2.17 m
Aligned Organization
Chimera Cabal
Other Affiliations

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