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Solresol is an a priori constructed language invented by François Sudre in around 1823. The language uses the seven solfège syllables, "do," "re," "mi," "fa," "sol," "la," and "si," to create words. Parts of speech, gender, and number are denoted with diacritics, and tense with the doubled two-syllable words. Solresol is notable for the countless ways it can be communicated.       Solresol: "Solresol faremi sôlresol solsifâsol misollâdo sisi solsifasol falami Sôlmîdorêdôsido Dôlasîmîre [François Sudre] misisimi modorerê famimi mimire farere fafare refafa. La sôlresol lamilasi la lâreff'a solfamîff'a mimîdd'o, "do," "re," "mi," "fa," "sol," "la," re "si," mido sirelasi lâdoss'i. Lâmifasi ladôsi, dômifado re lârelafa faremi sisi sifasoldo falami sôldofala re dôredo solmîre falami la lâdosi larêfa-remîmi lamilâmi. Solresol faremi solsirêla solfa la sôlmisimi domîre dofa falare faremi sisi solsilasol."   Solresol in r/Conlangs showcase 2018   There is currently an ongoing work on the Solresol Script which can be seen on Google Drive here.


--There are seven syllables that make up the Solresol words-- --Do is a circle-- --Re goes in a straight line from top to bottom.-- --Mi has a top half of a circle.-- --Fa goes from left-top to bottom-right.-- --Sol moves from left to right.-- --La's circle is split top-to-bottom and has the only left half.-- --Si rises from bottom-left to top-right.--


Solresol words are made from one to five syllables/notes. Each of these may be one of only seven phonemes, which may in turn be accented or lengthened. Another phoneme, silence, is used to separate words as they cannot be run together as they are in English. Other phonemes can be represented in a number of ways, as the seven musical notes in an octave, as spoken syllables (based on solfège, a way of identifying musical notes), with seven colors of the rainbow, symbols <also known as Solresol script>, hand gestures, etc. Theoretically, Solresol communication can be done through speaking, singing, colors, writing, and even painting   Source: Solresol Wiki Page


The Solresol morphology states that the longer words are divided into seven categories of meaning, based on their first syllable.     >The feminine accent is a bar/dash [la-a or lā].   -To pronounce a feminine word in Solresol, you elongate the vowel that is accented.     >The plural accent is an apostrophe/acute [ll’a or lá]   -The consonant elongates [geminates] when one speaks Solresol.     >The word type/case accent is a carrot/circumflex [mi^idofa or mîdofa, mido^ofa or midôfa, midofa^a or midofâ]   -The vowel has a sudden emphasis [increased volume <Rinforzando>] when one speaks Solresol.     >Sisol - normal/respectful title   -Sisol [name] = normal title (Mr, mrs, -san) -[name] sisol = respectful title (-sama)     >Sila - lower/affectionate   -sila [name] = lower/junior title (-kun)   -[name] sila = affectionate title (-chan)


Solresol Dictionary

Common Phrases
Simi Hello
Redofafa? How are you?
Solsi thanks
Misi bye

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