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Magic and the Connections

Magic is a fundamental law of the universe, not unlike gravity or inertia. Magic is the colloquial term for the force of Connection. Everything in existence is bonded together in one way or another. Spellcasters harness these connections to produce any manner of supernatural effects. Powerful beings, such as some demons and the gods, can warp the connections around them through sheer force of will.

Schools Of Magic

  There are eight schools of magic, each specializing in their own way of manipulating the weave to create the relevant effects.   Abjuration - Abujers weave together connections in order to form nigh-impenetrable barriers.   Conjuration - Conjurers yank on specific connections in order to transport the user, objects, or other creatures along the connection, sending them across existence in the blink of an eye.   Divination - Diviners commune with the connections in order to extend the senses across both space and time.   Enchantment - Enchanters swirl the connections in such a manner in order to alter the processes of both thought and reason.   Evocation - Evokers pull on the connections of the Elemental Chaos, allowing for pure elemental energy to be harnessed.   Illusion - Illusionists twist the connections, winding up projections of both any manner of creature, object, or place.   Necromancy - Necromancers mold the connections into new forms, manipulating life energy and allowing for the reanimation of corpses.   Transmutation - Transmuters alter the connections, breaking and forming them in order to change the world directly.   These connections can also be imbued into items, allowing for the channeling of any sort of effecct. These can range from a longwsword imbued with connections to the Fire Chaos, allowing it to burst into flame, to a shield that predicts the near future, instinctively placing itself between it's wielder and the blows of the enemy.

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