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Deadly Angel-flower

The Deadly Angel-Flower is the name given to two flowers that are practically indistinguishable. One has intense healing properties while the other is known to produce a very potent poison. Both flowers are white, eight petaled and have long thorny stems; the only difference between the two of them is that one of them, the poisonous one, has golden veins.   The flowers cannot be exposed to light as if they are they shrivel up and lose all their potency. If the flowers are dried while still underground then they will retain some of their potency but not the full amount and the flowers in their natural habitat will always work better. While the flowers will shrivel up when exposed to sunlight the vines won't and the vines without the flowers on can be seen growing elsewhere.    

Jack of All Trades

  The Deadly Angel-Flower is an incredibly versatile plant with many uses depending on the kind of flower that is found. The natives of the Obsidian Hills are experts in determining the type of flower it is as well as continuously finding new, inventive uses for the flower.   It is one of the few flowers that can grow in the harsh terrain of the Obsidian Hills, which are mostly made of rock. Due to this it is integral in the livelihood of many of the residents of the hills and due to the exotic nature of the plant the residents can sell dried flowers for quite a lot. It is also used for more general uses within the community as the vines can be made into woven baskets and rope.   Typically it is used in healing potions or poisons depending on the type but more inventive uses include as one of the materials in rope, as a component for inks and dyes and as a key ingredient in the production of several alcohols.

Basic Information


The Deadly Angel Flower is so named for the white petals that look like wings and the faint radiant light that they seem to emit. The poisonous flowers have golden veins that run through them and that is the only way to tell the difference between the two types of flower. The flowers grow on a long, thorny vine that is incredibly strong.

Ecology and Habitats

This plant only grows in the caves and tunnels deep underneath the Obsidian Hills. The plant will only grow deep underground and will not grow in any form of light, as soon as this plant is exposed to daylight it will shrivel up and die. It is like a weed, it grows through the rocks and the ground slowly weakening the tunnels and the caves causing these tunnels to collapse.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The two different types of flowers have very different uses. The white ones with faint golden veins are a very potent poison while the plain white ones have healing properties. This causes a problem due to the struggle to tell the difference between the two of them, there is an approximately 90:10 ratio between the poisonous ones and the healing ones.   The plants cannot be exposed to light as if they are they will shrivel up and become useless. The petals can be dried and therefore preserved and it is typically in this dried state that they're used as it is more useful. The healing petals are a staple in healing potions sold throughout the hills and many mages across Ydria have a small supply of these petals. The poisonous ones are typically used by assassins and thieves guilds, as well as by some very powerful people who need to torture prisoners.   A more creative use was developed by the Nival Family who use both types of petals in their alcohol. They use a 2:1 ratio of poisonous to healing in order to offset some of the more dangerous aspects of the petals. This leaves a very strong, very potent drink that when drunk in large quantities can lead to paralysis. They have been experimenting with other ways to create dangerous, drug-like substances.   The vines that make up the stem of the plants are sometimes used by natives of the Obsidian Hills to create ropes as the stems themselves are incredibly strong and can hold a lot of weight. Some use the vines to create baskets and the like as well.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

These plants are found throughout the ground deep underneath the Obsidian Hills. The deadly ones are also found in the twilight forest but the healing ones aren't.
Scientific Name
Custos Angelus Mortem
Geographic Distribution

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17 Mar, 2021 13:55

Interesting article! I'm curious to know how people first discovered it was poisonous. You mention it was used by assassins, I'd be curious to know of any famous uses of the flower ^^

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
1 Apr, 2021 07:08

Nice article! The different usages you have for you flowers are interesting.   Do your people cultivate the flowers inside the caves or do they just pick them in the wild?   I imagine having to identify the flowers without exposing them to light makes the task even more difficult XD Is it still possible to identify them once they are dried? Or does the drying makes the golden veins fade?   And I love the idea of alcohol that slowly kills you and can leave you paralysed XD   My only suggestions would be to tightened the article a bit since you are repeating some information several times.

6 Apr, 2021 16:13

Interesting concept that two flowers are so similar to eachother. I wonder though if it is not possible to bring any lightsource near it how are people able to see the difference or know that one type has golden veins? Also as Amélie said you repeat the same info quite a few times so perhaps you can rework that a bit. Some sentences are also a bit strange so a reread could help with improving the article a bit further :)

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16 Apr, 2021 20:24

Hey Lesbeanie! I like that you've included two variants for your flower species in a way that makes it easy to create conflict and tell stories. As importantly, you've given some guidance on what happens when you combine the petals of the two flowers. Well done!

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16 Apr, 2021 20:26

Wicked! So how hard would it be to camouflage the golden veins with makeup/dye, tricking experts into poisoning people while they think they picked the healing variant? Asking for a friend.

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