Miners gather raw materials and ores from the earth.



Knowledge of identifying various ores and elements.   Knowing how to use a pickaxe profieciently.

Career Progression

Most miner start out as apprentices and attempt to work their way up to become overseer of the mine.  Most miners will not make it further than being known as a veteran miner.  Veteran miners can easily and effectively identify ores, weak points in the mine as well as other dangerous situatiuons.



Miners are used to retrieve raw ores and minerals from the ground and mine shafts.  They sometime are able to retrieve gems and other items found in the earth.

Social Status

Mining is usually viewed as a noble professions especially in dwarven cultures.  Generous nobles and fellow craftsmen will often buy miners drinks at the bar in thanks to the hard work and effort they put in.


Dwarves have a natural affinity for mining however the profession itself does not discriminant.  All races and ethnicities can be found to be miners.  Depending on the region and location the mines may look differently.  For example a mine with a dwarven overseer may have a dwarven flair to it.



The standard tools for a miner include a Pickaxe Mining  , mining carts, lantern helmet, 50 feet of rope, gem dusting brush, and flint boxes


Wooden beams and planks may be required to sure up weak spots in the mines.


Miners dig tunnels into the earth to retrieve various ores and minerals for use and refinement.  Their work environment is often underground.

Dangers & Hazards

Sometimes tunnels will collapse, other times if you dig to deep you could hit The Underdark . When mining near a river or the ocean sometimes mines could tend to flood.
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