Main Lands

The Main Lands of Vitallia cover the regions around the Crater. From Sarta to the Freelands of the North and from Armorgrand to Goliath and Mooncry. It is the largest part of Vitallia and contains 12 kingdoms.


  • The lands around the Fork River are fertile and warm in during summer. 
  • Armorgrand is extremely dry and often dificult to survive from certain species due to the fire rains and the lack of food.
  • The Dead God's Lane mostly consists of swamps, canyons and rocky terrains.
  • Dragoria's climate differs from west to east. The western part is dry and very warm in the summer but the eastern part is mountainous and fertile.
  • Arcanara and Evergrave are the largest regions without colonies and settlements. They consist of rich forests and raw landscapes.
  • The Freelands of the North are mostly covered in frost except for a few months in summer.
  • The Freelands of the South are dry and at times extremely hot due to their proximity with the Crater.
  • The Rose is rich in nature and warm during summer, especially close to the Crater, but in winter it can reach very cold temperatures.
  • Mooncry is cold, dry and filled hidden in tall canyons.
  • Goliath's climate is set from within due to magic. Naturally, its lands are cold and barren.
Alternative Name(s)
Central Vitallia
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