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This city... if you pressured me to say one word right now, I would say "perpetual". Time and time again have I traveled to perform here years prior to the plague during the Aketori Festival. Despite current situations and the uneasy atmosphere, it has shown true resilience against the odds. It can get really hot here though. Did they really have to add braziers all over this place?!   an excerpt from Edmond's Travellogue - 2nd Decade Edition

Fey and Elemental Influence

Thanks to the concentrated outer world energy, the city is alive with magic. Streets light up with vibrant flames, dancing amongst the people. Mythical creatures pulling along carts of nobles. A city watched over by a gracious phoenix. This convergence also leads to otherworldly resources appearing to populate the city.  

Brass Braziers

Mandated by the goddess, every building contains a brazier made of brass-- this is a personal shrine to the goddess, and thus individuals are expected to maintain it carefully. Life revolves around fire.  

Zero Wooden Buildings

Because of the high concentration of fire, for safety purposes, all buildings incorporate nonflammable materials such as brick, concrete, and brass.


Led by the Aketori Shogunate who answers to its emperor, Muspell, the government of Hijiri and in extension Tengokunotochi is that of a military dictatorship who are answered by individual city states given to nobles or Lightbearers.


Kyudan District

The highest point within Hijiri, residency to Muspell. The only area that is closed off to all individuals with the exception of events and festivals. These trees are said to bloom in flames and said to be the origin to the dancing lights that flicker throughout the city.

Kyudan Palace

The palace of Her Lambency.  

Seigi no Hibachi

The monument of this nation: a giant pyre that lies in front of the Palace. Where all who are sentenced to death are sent to.  

The Hinoki Tree

A large towering tree that blossoms into petals of embers. Said to be planted by Her Lambency, those who are given the chance to visit it say that it acts as the gateway between the Material Plane, the Feywild, and the Plane of Fire.  

Shonin District

The commercial and common residential district which leads up to the Kyudan District. Full of winding roads and buildings, it remains busy throughout the day with peddlers, merchants, passerby, tourists, and more. At night, the city lights up in colorful flames that adorn signs and lanterns.  

Kinkami Depot

Home to the golden-haired kitsune known as the Merchant, this general store sells magical items that he would find to the public... albeit at a steep cost. With a constantly rotating selection of finds you'll never know what could appear in his selections. There's rumors that he can even find magical item for a select few, given the right price.  

Rira Teahouse

A unique teahouse ran by Rira which offers an expansive array of Tengokunotochi delicacies. She also has an alternate system of payment where you can give her the prerequisite ingredients and she'll cook it for you at a hefty fraction of the usual cost. Perfect for the adventurer who travels all the time.  

Tama-Tama Pharmaceuticals

Nestled in the back-alleys of the Shonin District lies Doctor Ryuno and his array of medicinal products. Those on his list are given unique products said to be illegal, though the question is how to get on it...  

Iorn Anvil

Home to the Haiiro technique of forging, the occupying blacksmith Artorias provides military level equipment approved for the right people. Some days, one may catch him using the secret behind the best Haiiro products: magical imbuement of ground up dust.  

Aketori Overlook

Separated from the Shonin District by a long walk through rows and rows of Feywild trees that bloom fire alongside holy gates, these ruins provides a scenic view of the city. Some days, Her Lambency would come take a walk through this preserved amalgamation of elemental nature, face obscured with a fan.  

Hijirian Shrine

Led by the shrine maidens who are personally chosen by Her Lambency, they provide religious services to the public. Whether it is exorcism or sacraments, their blessings have proven useful to adventurers who may find themselves in a tight spot. They also offer enchantments and ancient runecarving to trusted individuals.

Bladeworks Field

A field that effectively acts as a grave to fallen warriors and heroes. Weapons would be embedded into the ground, and a talisman would be attached to the end it providing information and a prayer.  

Festival Grounds

An open field used for events-- usually, farmers and hobbyists would come down and sell their goods. A nice place to get some materials.  

Enji District

Going down from the Shonin District, there lies a winding road that leads to the poorer parts of the city-- and arguably, the second liveliest. The Enji District is the nightlife center of Hijiri, full of people answering the call of the night.    

Toshi District

Near the outskirts of the city, there lies a long plain simply named the Toshi District. Home to Historic Hijiri and full of farming fields, this main road acts as a trade route to the only other city in Tengokunotochi: the city of Mizu in the Sasaki Prefecture.
Alternative Name(s)
The City of Sacred Flame
Inhabitant Demonym

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