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Xilios pulls his Sun Chariot around the world, allowing life to blossom in his warmth. Oldest brother of Vumir and Dophine, and born from Ghaotz like them, he watched the planet turn, keeping each land on it safe. For millennia, things went peacefully. But still Xilios sealed his creator away when she became too powerful, throwing the balance of life and death awry.


As the god of light and justice, Xilios is often depicted with sun-like iconography. He stands tall in gilded armor, surrounded by depictions of the Seven Weapons. His seven arms eventually became seven Dragon Guardians in common imagery. These dragons are rumoured to have taken the weapons from the races of Everia, to be kept under guard until a time when true heroes were needed.

Often paired with weapons, Xilios is also worshiped as a crafter god. Red, gold, and white are commonly used for art, and beautiful golden jewelry and diamonds are often seen around places of worship. His Sun Chariot is decorated in beautiful shades of red and gold with white accents, pulled by two white, flaming horses.

Temples & Followers

The High Temple of Xilios sits in Xillearia, with many temples scattered across Everia. You can usually find one in every town, if it’s large enough to have at least five buildings. Many followers make pilgrimages to Xillearia every year, and Xilios-devoted students of the Silver Brotherhood will sometimes visit every temple in Everia as a means of reflection.

Xilios is one of the most common gods to worship, and many other people seeking a promotion or help getting to higher things in life will often make offerings to Xilios outside of their own worship. Most government officials who follow Xilios will wear a devotional badge as part of their uniform, signifying their stance in power in both a governmental and religious sense, and are treated with enormous respect by other followers.


The Everian Calendar holds its own host of holidays and rituals celebrated only in Everia. While many of these holidays share a purpose between multiple gods, each worshiper is able to dedicate their day to the god of their choice.

The first of Vrohass is celebrated as both the first day of the New Year, and the first day of spring. The first three days of Stelors celebrate how Xilios fought in the battle to seal away Ghaotz, and the whole continent celebrates. The third of Bixis marks the first of summer. Clemst 22nd is called Sun’s Peak, and is the exact middle of the year. Gixiius 18th is the day of the Night Sun, which is the darkest night of the year, and the day that the moon is the brightest.
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Main Teachings

  • Light is life. Order is truth.
  • Spread light until no darkness touches.
  • Power is the ultimate achievement.

  • "I ride my Sun Chariot through the sky day after day, bringing light and life to Visctheria. Is there none other who could take the reins? The horses stomp and bite at the bit, and I chafe at my bondings, day after day."
    — Book of Xilios

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