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Vumir (vumiər)

Vumir is the second child of Ghaotz, and is most like his creator. He led the Seven Races onto the seas in pursuit of their fleeing enemy in the Great War, and has since become a symbol of victory and protection as well as God of the Sea and the Moon. He shook the ground and moved the mountains to trap Ghaotz, and lead the Everian citizens to financial peace and prosperity after the tragedy.

He rides across the seas protecting merchants, pirates, and soldiers alike. He creates great storms and deadly calm waters, and he changes his form and intentions constantly. Like the everchanging sea, Vumir has been interpreted in many different ways by his many different followers, from all mannerisms and walks of life.


Vumir is the god of the moon and the sea, and is always painted in silvers and blues. Usually shown with his twin scimitars, he wears loose clothing that spreads out into the waves of the ocean. The moon symbolism is more popular inland, as it is more visible to the landlocked followers. His followers claim he brings luck and wealth with him everywhere he touches, and often decorate with beautiful seashells and sand dollars to try to draw his greedy eye.

Temples & Followers

There are a circle of temples to Vumir all around the coast, often in major port towns. The High Temple is located in Nexenia, on the cliff overlooking the harbor. Prayers are held every day at High Tide and Low Tide in Nexenia, as well as in Iobrene. Special ceremonies outside of standard holidays are held every full moon, and blue moons are cause for much celebration. Whole towns will take boats to try and catch a blue moon fish, a beautiful blue and silver fish with long, graceful fins that is said to bring exorbitant amounts of luck for the next year.

Vumir seems to be the patron god not only of fishermen and sailors, but also of pirates and merchants, as many people devote themselves to him by traveling and accumulating wealth, in both legal and illegal ways. Some of his more landlocked followers will make pilgrimages to and hold worship at the larger rivers, as all water comes from and returns to the sea. Despite his position as an ocean god, Vumir has cemented himself thoroughly in the pantheon of Everia.


The Everian Calendar holds its own host of holidays and rituals celebrated only in Everia. While many of these holidays share a purpose between multiple gods, each worshiper is able to dedicate their day to the god of their choice.

Eukius 5th is Vumir’s Call, a day that features fertility and romance. It’s an auspicious day to ask out the cute girl down the street, but it’s also the best day for the healthiest sheep and cattle to be conceived. Days four through six of Stelors is dedicated to Vumir’s part in the Sealing of Ghaotz. Clemst 22nd is also celebrated for Vumir as the most profitable time to find bounty on the seas (whether that be fish or treasure is a surprise every year), but the next day, the first of Uxam, is All Hallow’s, where the citizens of Everia hold ceremonies to mourn those that died on their path through life. The third of Drafols is Good Trades Day, which is for counting up the profits of the harvest season, and then finding others to trade harvests enough to get everything you need to last through the winter. The last day of the year, the twenty-eighth of Gixiius, is Bond's Day, which is for making deals and partnerships to protect each other over the next year.

Main Teachings

  • Life without freedom is not life.
  • Crush your enemies like waves on the shore.
  • The sea provides; it is a sin to waste that offered bounty.

  • by Phillip Klausner

    The Vumir is the Council's vessel, that any Councilmember can commission without question. It is used for vacations, political missions, wartime, and has even been used as a party boat once or twice.

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    Cover image: by Vertixico


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