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Dophine is the goddess of the land, and the youngest child of Ghaotz. She is responsible for the land, and all growth and life on the continent. She is also where most magic comes from, and so each trained magic user has at least a basic knowledge of Dophine, and many mages devote themselves to her.

Dophine created the trap that they drove Ghaotz into, sealing her forever beneath the mountain in the Living Lands. Her strongest commandment is that Ghaotz never be freed, for she would destroy the whole land if she were to escape.


Goddess of land, she is often depicted in greens and browns, with a crown of vines. She is also aligned with minerals, and is widely worshipped by the Osirant and Urian. By the Osirant, she is painted as a goddess of plenty, arms spilling with rich foods and valuable gems. The Urian, however, depict her more minimalist, with airy clothes and unbound hair, always in gentle contemplation of the gifts of nature. Some magic users depict Dophine as surrounded by books growing into trees, and magical symbols that are rumored to be close to the sigil that can create life. More worshippers still see her as a warrior goddess, drawn superimposed over the goliath Ulia.

Temples & Followers

There are two main temples to Dophine: one made by the Osirant in Durial, and one in Plaxoran made by the Urian. Where each follower chooses to worship is as important as family name, and each group will avoid the other like the plague. The Durial temple, the Sanctum, is built of pure gemstone. While all offerings are encouraged, there is a huge admiration for large sacrifices for the goddess. The Plaxoran temple, the Haedothenon, is much more subtle, but just as magnificent. Carved out of the mountain in the shape of beautiful plants, meditation and self discovery is encouraged - it’s pretty much religious therapy.

While the Osirant worship Dophine as a creation goddess that deals in the absolutes of have and have not, the elves see her as a goddess of growth and inner strength, and are quite offended by the Osirants' materialism. The divide between worshipers has caused several fights over the centuries, and large rifts between families that had once been friends.

Her resolution for no grey areas has resulted in a wealth of knowledge gained over the last five hundred years, and many of the Dophine-devoted Silver Brotherhood have chosen a life of teaching in both the magical and mundane academic fields.


The twentieth of Eukius is Dophine’s first holiday as the First Planting, where everyone plants their first seeds for the coming harvest that year. The seventh through ninth days of Stelors celebrate Dophine’s part in locking Ghaotz away. The first of Freyln is celebrated for Dophine as the day of the First Harvest. The second of Drafols marks the Last Harvest of the year. Vrosvius 24th is Land’s Rest, as well as the first day of winter, when the land goes to sleep while the snow falls.

Main Teachings

  • Be absolute in your life, faith, and morals. Indecision is weakness.
  • Strength in yourself first, over even faith.
  • Protect nature with your life.

  • by Jeremy Bishop

    The Tree of Dophine at the center of Umivar stretches almost four hundred feet above the courtyard that surrounds it, roots digging deeper into the soil than anyone can measure. The Fifth of the Seven Cities was built up around the tree five centuries ago, after the destruction of the original five Great Cities.

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