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Welcome to Visctheria.
Intro to Visctheria
Generic article | Jul 9, 2023

The world of Visctheria may have become an intergalactic power in the late Orbital Age, but its beginnings in the Deific Age were quite humble.

Created and tended carefully by its ancient deities, Visctheria was once home to many different magical species. Massive beasts roamed the wilds, mortals explored and discovered with freedom and abandon, and the gods walked the lands. Wars passed and empires rose and fell on the great continent, until the War of the Gods shattered the one land into many.
As the mortals recuperated from the massive catastrophe, and cultures varied and divided, governments slowly formed in the wake of the destruction. Split between the warring nations since the Division of the World, countries kept a careful balance between magic and religion.
But when the Strutheo Star struck the world, everything changed. The line between magic and gods faded, and the survivors of the tragedy were forced up into the stratosphere of Visctheria. With the land below them destroyed, they created a new world of mechanics and metal.
The eventual invention of space travel opened not only the solar system, but the galaxy. With the discovery that they were not alone in this vast universe, an age of exploration and discovery began again. The Visctherian legacy, while mostly unrecorded, became the legacy that shaped the universe.
Challenges in Visctheria
Generic article | Sep 16, 2023

The world of Visctheria was mostly created through prompt work and help from others. This is a world to share, after all.

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