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Welcome to Visctheria. Created and tended carefully by its Gods, Visctheria is home to many different magical species and races. To the north lies several major split between into two continents. The southern hemisphere is a mess of islands, constantly vying for control of the seas. Since the Division of the World, the seas have been sectioned amongst the countries they are nearest to, and ruled as such.   The Jade Sea lines the northern countries, its famous green waters creating beautiful beaches and fantastic coral reefs along the edge of the continents. The Jade changes to the Garlin Deep surrounding Xathar's Gate, a large island covered in ice and rock. None truly know the inhabitants of the island and surrounding Deep, but many brave adventurers sail the waters, seeking fame and fortune.   On the eastern continent lies the major countries of Uspatan, Estrana, and Hobrax. Several smaller countries scatter across the unclaimed land, setting up borders as steadfast and strong as their larger competitors, but with significantly greater difficulty.   Uspatan   Estrana is run by a mageocracy unlike any the world has ever seen in its long history, and also hosts the greatest magic school in the world.   Hobrax is the ancestral home of the Harot, and has been at war with Uspatan for as long as written history has been recorded.   Striyuna   Athos is the origin of the Kami, the birdfolk of Visctheria.   Ucla, a small, war torn country trapped between the constant fighting of Uspatan and Hobrax,   Agryae   Fryit Shal   Oshor   Croyla   Datrar   Ecrad   On the western continent, only four major countries dominate the land - and consequently the land is torn and scarred by centuries of war.   Reacia   Everia is a closed country, shut off from the outside world since   Salman   Priquish   The Sea of Ingerline and the Southern Sea divide the hemispheres to northern and southern, the latter of which is majorly occupied by a chain of island-continents. These islands were once one continent before the fight between the Titans and the Gods shattered the great land mass.   South of Estrana lies Skaolia,   Fosmia and Asmor make up the other two sides of the Adwynn Triangle, a freezing dead zone of ocean that forbids all traversal.   Quascon lies in the southeastern corner of the map,   Proatho   Meskaovania and its colonies, Carlatha, Raxala, and Xertophin,   Shaca and Shiaca nestle just below the colonies,   Abrana   Ieuthibar   Broca

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