Summer Camp Pledge '22

This will be my first year taking part in Summer Camp as I skipped over it in 2021, so I'm going to aim for Copper and not worry about acheiving anything higher - learnt my lesson with WorldEmber '21.   So, after seeing Nnie's Camp chill, I think it's an excellent idea and I've decided to join up!
Fall, Author

Creative Goal

I want to expand both CITADEL and ENTROPY using the prompts in order to create some more solid lore and the world that comes with it.
I don't have any specific articles planned but have lots of ideas that I'm hoping will fit into at least some of the promts.   I'd really like to weave some more storytelling into my articles instead of such factual, descriptive writing that I'm used to. Time will tell if I manage it!


My motivation for taking part in Summer Camp this year is that I really enjoyed the drive and community buzz from WorldEmber and am eager to scratch that itch again. Hopefully without burning out afterwards this time.   I also really want to make some progress in adding meaningful and published content to VISCERIUM instead of hoarding my hundreds of stub/un-published articles.

Bonus content

As I've got so many unfinished and unpublished articles sat in the background waiting to be released to all you lovely people, should I find the time or have the drive to finalise one of those, instead of working on one of the upcoming promts, you'll see some bonus content from me that isn't Summer Camp related.

Nnie's Camp Chill Guidelines

- Remember the prompts are suggestions, not requirements.
- Write what you're passionate about, leave what you aren't.
- Relax when you feel tired.
- Fight off any pesky brain-squitos trying to make you doubt your work.
- Don't abandon your non-summercamp goals! Write that article you're itching to write, even if it doesn't fit any prompts.
(Shared with permission from Annie Stein. Read her thoughts on 'Camp Chill' on her Camp Pledge.)

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9 Jun, 2022 11:30

Go for It, You can Do It!!!!!   Aemon

9 Jun, 2022 17:17

Thank you! Same to you, should you choose to participate :D

I'd truly appreciate your constructive criticism on any pages of VISCERIUM. A dark, mixed genre world of infernal incursions across multiple eras.