Intico Cypher Engines

One shall be given to a representative from the Imperium Coalition, another to the Popular Consortium Party, and I shall keep the third, as a representative of the Alliance of Democratic Nations.
  With this division of power, It is my belief, that this great weapon shall only be used for the benefit of humanity.
  The Intico Cypher Engines, publicly known as the Intico Fire Control & Access keys, are an essential component of the Intico's central super computer.
These three innocent-looking keys contain not only the unique cryptographic identification codes required to activate the weapon, but also the key components of the weapon's magnetic confinement algorithm, which is, so far, the most complex software ever developped.   While the facility's central computer runs all the required calculations, the cypher used to predict the surges of energy from the base's fusion reactor is contained within these keys, separated into encrypted sections. This ensures that should any of the keys fall into the wrong hands, even cracking the security codes will not enable the weapon to function. It is estimated that it would take weeks to recover one missing cypher segment, and months to deduce all three.  


Encased in a dark, rugged, triangular prism of metals and composite materials, each key is marked with a unique accent colour to denote it's keeper. In addition to the colouration, a unique identification code is also stamped into the casing, just for good measure.   Within the casing, a data crystal is embedded at the core. The data crystal is capable of storing ~2 exabytes of data for well over a billion years. This high capacity data storage is what allows the Intico Cypher Engines to store such vital information with such a high complexity of encryption.  

Once held, now lost

Two of the three Intico Cypher Engines where lost during a Demon incursion at the Intico Control Facility. Orchestrated by Dr.Adrastus Delroy and Evaxi, Nadir of Envy.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Length: 16.51cm (6.5inches),
Width: 6.98cm (2.75inches),
Height: 6.98cm (2.75inches),
Key holders
General Ashton Bishop,
Dr.Adrastus Delroy,
Dr.Hazel O'Gara,
All artwork that is not an original creation by myself (@Bladeswillfall) will be replaced in time with either original pieces or commissioned art.


Author's Notes

Assistnace with; naming, functionality and lore: @Negev1812

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