Intico Control Facility

The Lanza project was formed for the creation of a giant plasma-beam cannon constructed by a conglomerate of nations and is manned by members of both the Alliance of Democratic Nations and the Popular Consortium Party.   Named after the infamous weapon of Lanza Le Saasilo, Inticoatl - the Sun Serpent, the Intico Control Facility is home to the revered Intico plasma cannon.   The Intico plasma-beam cannon is capable of striking anywhere on Errack via the use of orbital magnetic satellites with which the plasma-beam can be deflected by and redirected to another satellite or the strike location.   The joint operation of this giant weapon required a large facility to be built around it's base and as such is home to hundreds of staff, staff who are from both intergovernmental organisations and who are expected to work closely with each other and work for the benefit of humanity, regardless of what their own governments may be doing.  


Firing mechanism

To fire the Intico plasma-beam cannon, three unique cryptographic command & control keys are required. One held by General Ashton Bishop a senior officer in the Imperium Coalition Strategic Command, another by Dr.Adrastus Delroy project lead for the Lanza project, and finaly, Dr.Hazel O'Gara the Intico control facility's director.  

Intico Plasma Cannon

The Intico plasma-beam cannon stretches over 900m (2952ft) into the sky and roughly 75m (246ft) beneath the surface.  


Operational success

The initial firing of the Intico plasma-beam cannon was a world-wide success and celebrations were held across the globe for what at the time, was humanity's greatest weapon ever created, intended to completely remove the threat of Demons on Errack all together.   The incredible success of this weapon led to the denuclearization of almost all Errack's defence forces, as well as a reduction in military personnel. All of which happened within roughly a decade. Global politicians were quick to rely on this new wonder weapon due to its lack of radiation, reduction in environmental damage and cost effectiveness as well as the speed in which it could strike a location - significantly faster than any conventionally fired weapon.  

Eventual failure

After its widely successful implementation and the effective use of the Intico plasma-beam cannon for over a decade, it seemed as though the threat of the Nadirs was all but history.   Unfortunately for humanity, the project's lead and holder of one of the three cryptographic command & control keys, Adrastus Delroy, was an acolyte of Evaxi, Nadir of Envy. Unbeknownst to humanity, the creation of such a devastating weapon, was all part of Evaxi's plan to weaken their Nadir kin whilst also removing the threat of humanity's nuclear arms and large standing armies. All so that the Nadir of Envy could attempt a swift and brutal strike, overpowering the nations of Errack and gaining far more power than their Kin could ever attempt to hold.
Military base / complex
Facility opperators
Alliance of Democratic Nations,
Popular Consortium Party
Key holders
General Ashton Bishop,
Dr.Adrastus Delroy,
Dr.Hazel O'Gara,
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Author's Notes

Concept, naming and lore support: @Negev1812

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