Fundamentals of Magic

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Magic is the force that allows for the manipulation of the material plane through the control of metaphysical vibrations. These vibrations can turn solids into liquids, allow two or more objects to occupy the same physical space and much more.   Magic comes from within locations known as Leylines. These Leylines ebb and flow with an intense aura of power. Power that can be harnessed by those with the know-how - Sorcerers. Specifically, those who have souls are able to control magic, for souls too, come from the Leylines. Without a soul, a being is not able to even comprehend the complex thoughts and emotions required to manipulate the metaphysical vibrations which in turn can control matter.  


The powers of Sorcery are granted to those who seek it out through study.
It is an arcane ability where the sorcerer's affinity (power over matter) is determined by the frequency of their soul's vibrations.   The Soul resonates to the states of matter and thus the sorcerer can only control a narrow band on the frequency (vibration) spectrum. For example, a sorcerer who's soul is in tune with the resonance of solid objects, can lift boulders or throw rocks, sharpen stones etc... But they wouldn’t be able to lift an ocean or melt steel.   The spectrum of frequencies that a sorcerer can control are categorised into four main categories and two sub-categories. Those categories are; Firmus (solid), Fluxus (liquid), Atmos (gas) and temperature, with temperature being further divided into Torrid and Algor.  

Pact Magic

Pact magic is the power bestowed upon an individual when they bind with an angel or demon.   The specifcs of this power varies from angel to angel and demon to demon. For example, a demon of Wrath, one of Krathan's underlings, might grant great strength and speed to the individual. Though they all differ in specific powers that may be granted, one thing remains true with Pact magic. The user is able to temporarily summon a chosen subordinate that is beneath their bound angel or demon.
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