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Watch for unusual growths on your meat, fruit and vegetables, these can be indications of demons in the vicinity. Under no circumstances should you consume produce you believe to be infected.
— Public notice
  Demons are symbiotic, parasitic, microorganisms connected via hivemind (once a significant amount of biomass has been accumulated).   Demons are able to corrupt any form of biomass, living or otherwise. But each race has its own method of doing so. As such, demons are able to create many varieties of constructs but which form they take is dependent on their strain and race. Demon strains of the same race can cohabitate an area or being and do not interfere with each other. However, demons of different races are hostile to each other and can not cohabitate.   Once biomass is infected with demons, its form can remain unchanged for a time if the demons so wish it, however, most of the time, physical alterations happen swiftly after infection and the original form of the biomass can become unrecognisable within days.  


There are currently seven different races of demons known to mankind. The races are; Gluttony, Envy, Sloth, Wrath, Lust, Pride and Greed. Each has a unique appearance but they share some consistent similarities such as; they all contain a spiked icosahedral core, a translucent outer membrane and the surface of the demon bares various masses. These masses do vary though dependent on the demon's race. For example, Pride demons have long, thin thorns whereas Gluttony demons have concave pits.  


Once infected by demons, it can take time for the infection to reveal itself but each race of demon has a unique way of presenting symptoms and its presence in a host. These variations are:  
Demon - Greed by Me (fall)


Infections from the Greed variant of demons manifest at first as; social anxiety and extreme possessiveness. After a short while, the extremities, such as the fingers and toes become blackened, a rapid loss of body fat follows and the skin shrinks becoming thinner and thinner.   Greed demons spread via contact with fomites, lying in wait for its next victim. After which, it will begin converting biomass until a significant amount has been converted such that it can now act upon its own.


Infections from the Gluttony variant of demons manifest as concave, gaunt and desaturated sections of the skin and muscles. With rapidly decaying inners, this creates a breeding ground for the growth of Boleth's underlings. After a short while, parasitic worms among other spawn begin to collate around the infected area, hastening the consumption of biomass by the demons.   Gluttony demons rely on bacteria and parasites, hiding within them, for transmission between hosts until a significant amount of biomass has been converted to act upon its own.
Demon - Gluttony by Me (fall)
Demon - Wrath by Me (fall)


Infections from the Wrath variant of demons manifest as patches of thick, coarse hairs, engorged muscles and rapid growth in canine teeth, nails and horns. In addition to these physical changes, emotional changes like an increased temper, stress and being unable to settle or relax will quickly take effect.   Wrath demons rely solely upon, blood and saliva for transmission between hosts until a significant amount of biomass has been converted to act upon its own.


Infections from the Lust variant of demons manifest at first, as an increased heart rate, touch sensitivity, the relaxation of smooth muscle cells and an overwhelming sense of euphoria. Shortly after, an increase in hormones such as testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone causes a rapid and aggressive surge in libido.   Lust demons rely on semen, blood, vaginal secretions, and saliva for transmission between hosts until a significant amount of biomass has been converted to act upon its own.
Demon - Lust by Me (fall)
Demon - Pride by Me (fall)


Infections from the Pride variant of demons start to manifest as relatively long, thin thorns protruding from within whatever they have begun to spread inside of, eventually forming a mat of criss-crossing needles overshadowed by the larger more prominent thorns.   Pride demons spread via the faecal–oral route. Once a host has been infected, they work quickly to spread and reproduce until a significant amount of biomass has been converted to act upon its own.


Infections from the Envy variant of demons manifest as pale, sickly looking skin bordering on a pasty appearance. Intense paranoia swiftly overtakes the infected and resentment fills their mind. Soon after, the eyes turn pitch black and double platinum coloured iris' form. It is not uncommon for multiple 'black eyes' to form with quick succession in random places across the body.   Envy demons are vector-borne and as such are transmitted by the bite of infected arthropods. Once injected into the host, Envy demons rapidly spread converting biomass until enough has been converted to act upon its own.
Demon - Envy by Me (fall)
Demon - Sloth by Me (fall)


Infections from the Sloth variant of demons manifest as bulbous black masses connected by dark sinewy webs. Slowly creeping and pulling its way through and across the surface whilst biomass is converted below. Initially starting off as just a feeling of extreme fatigue and melancholy, the black webs quickly reveal themselves as the site of infection and begin to spread.   Sloth demons rely on small respiratory droplets for transmission between hosts until a significant amount of biomass has been converted to act upon its own.
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mature themes, boddy horror, gore, microorganisms
Average size
Consistent features
A translucent outer membrane with various masses protruding outwards from the surface of the membrane, and a spiked icosahedral core.
-22°F to 170°F (-30°C to 76.66°C)
Laws of Pact Magic
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Aug 20, 2022

The power bestowed upon an individual when they bind with an angel or demon.

All artwork that is not an original creation by myself (@Bladeswillfall) will be replaced in time with either original pieces or commissioned art.


Throughout the Eras, the Demon Races have evolved, and so too do the constructs these cells can form. Every few years, new variants appear, some more successful than others, and with this appearance of new evolutions the Demons get ever stronger. They learn to combat humanity's weapons, their drugs and medicines, reacting to these new threats by mutating and adapting.  


Constructs are best defined as the being that is formed by an amalgamation of demon cells. Though each construction of demon cells retains full autonomy and each has an individual personality, derived from their demonic race, thoughts can be shared across a close network of constructs from the same demon race.   The 7 Nadirs of Sin are simply constructs from an extremely potent strain of their base demon race. The Nadirs are uniquely able to commune with other demons of their ilk over great distances. In addition to communication, they can telepathically take control of another construct temporarily to see through their eyes and take action.


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Hm, interesting and fitting for the world, at least as far as I can tell. I would have been interested to know whether there are ways of reversing this process once it has begun and how much has to be transferred, so to speak, for one to become infected. I mean, is an infected drop of blood enough or does it have to be a pool of blood and so on? Or does it depend on the size and resistance of the biomass?

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