Atheris CQ-90

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A compact and reliable rifle, capable of knocking down targets that other similarly sized rifles fail to do. Unmatched when it comes to weight and length, the CQ-90 is a lethal addition to Atheris' lineup.
  A favourite of the private security industry and CQB-focused branches of the armed forces, the CQ-90 utilises sub-sonic rounds to mitigate over-penetration.   The short 5.1" barrel of the CQ-90 is perforated at one end in-line with the rifling of the barrel to form part of the integral suppressor. This greatly improves the efficiency of the sound suppressor without affecting range or accuracy, by allowing more gas to pass through the larger suppressor instead of being released straight out of the barrel.
From the factory, a compact retractable stock, hand guard and low-profile iron sights embedded with night sights for effective use at all times of day. This stock package creates a great platform for the user to pick up and begin using the rifle as is from the moment it leaves the factory.   Whilst possible to use a larger magazine, the standard deployment for the CQ-90 is a 20rnd, double-stacked magazine. This keeps the rifle agile and compact in size. A larger 30rnd magazine is available, though the user sacrifices some mobility and the silhouette of the rifle becomes more cumbersome.  

Preferred deployment

This subsonic rifle is most commonly found slung under-arm inside of a cloak or jacket of armed security and PMC personnel. Additionally, special forces groups deploying into tight quarters such as shipping vessels or within buildings are especially prone to utilising this rifle for its quiet but lethal disposition.  

Spotlight on a new viper

The CQ-90 was projected into the limelight after video of a special forces division besieging a cultist stronghold was leaked online. In the video, several operators could be seen wielding and utilising the short rifle to great effect. The only modification seen on the rifle was the addition of laser sights and flashlights to aid in rapid target acquisition, visibility and target disorientation when the flashlight was used in its strobe light setting.  



An extended barreled variant of the same weapon, increasing the effective range of this rifle. The CQ-90x is not as popular as the CQ-90 but is still a well regarded rifle for those in need of a hard-hitting subsonic rifle thanks to its extended range. Without the extended barrel, the CQ-90 would be reserved for purely CQB and local-defence scenarios.
7.62x35mm (.300BLK)
47cm (18.5")
2.56kg (5.64lbs)
13cm (5.11")
Effective range
~80m (262.46ft)
Ambidextrous design, Integral suppressor, Low-profile iron sights, Piston driven upper receiver, Delayed blowback system
Auto or semi-auto
Retractable stock
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
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