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You wanted to know the secret to low battle-fatigue and high-morale, cadet?
This is it, this little vial here is your answer.
We call it AMP but you'll no doubt be calling it "liquid heaven" after your first dose.
Just don't go overdoing it and getting yourself addicted. I've got no time for wasters like that around here.
  Amphetalgescicortisone or simply "AMP", is a nasally inhaled aerosol developed by Helix Technica as a general purpose "combat enhancement" drug. Through the use of nasal inhalation, AMP is able to quickly interact with the brain and spinal column via the facial and petrosal sinus veins.   Whilst technically not a singular chemical substance, AMP is referred to as a singular drug due to the specific mix of analgesics, amphetamines, and other substances to achieve a reliable and repeatable effect on the widest possible demographic with minimum side-effects.  

What does it do?

The aerosol acts as a stimulant, pain receptor blocker, visual processing enhancer and trauma preventative - perfect for keeping soldiers fighting, morale high and their shots accurate.   Whilst maintaining freedom of will, intuition and personal decision making, this substance causes people to no longer feel physical pain and suppresses negative emotions like fear, anxiety and depression.
It achieves this by inhibiting the process of pain through the parietal lobe, increasing the functional capacity and speed of the occipital lobe, and interacting with the amygdala to prevent trauma being stored for later recall, in turn preventing Post-traumatic stress disorder and similar trauma induced mental health conditions from occurring.
Item type
Route of administration
Onset of action
~3 seconds
Elimination half-life
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Common effects relative to dosage

With each increase in dosage, the effects are in addition to the prior lower level dosage - effects are cascading.
Positive effects
Negative effects
  • Mild painkiller
  • Stimulant
    • Decreases fatigue, increases focus/attention
    • Positive mood
  • Increased heart rate, possibility for palpitations
  • Restlessness
  • Agitation
  • Moderate painkiller
  • Moderate stimulant
  • Emotional response regulator
  • Trauma preventative
  • Appetite-suppressant
  • Insomnia
  • Strong painkiller
    • Similar effectiveness to morphine
  • Strong stimulant
    • Increased reaction speed
    • Fatigue resistance
    • Increased muscle strength
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Increased risk of early-onset dementia
  • Brief euphoria
  • Heart attack
  • Paralysis
  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Psychosis
  • Burst/damaged blood vessels

Deliery device design


    A pressurised metal canister contains the amphetalgescicortisone in its aerosol form, this container is inserted into the device with its nozzle pointing downwards. The delivery device is designed such that the pressurised container can be depressed upon a spring mechanism, releasing the aerosol into the device within which it is then directed via an internal tube to twin nozzles that are inserted into the nostrils.  


    For a more gentle and longer-lasting effect, a nebuliser can instead be used. These machines might be found installed in some transport vehicles in addition to the nasal inhalers issued to each soldier.  


    For armed forces personnel provided with a full-face helmet, a flexible face mask is integrated within. Housed at the back of the head near the top of the spine, a remote controlled device stores the amphetalgescicortisone and can dispense it as and when required.


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