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Re-defining intensity of action, the Mk.II AESIR (Augmented and Enhanced Strike, Infiltration and Reconisance) super-soldier is the latest generation of AESIR produced by the hugely successful NeMeSIS program.   As with its predecessor the AESIR Mk.I, the core under armour exo-skeleton is developed exclusively by The Black Foundry and supplied to members of the Imperium Coalition. Members then customize and add a variety of sub-systems, armour and decorations that align to the nation's doctrines and the individual AESIR super-soldier to increase their effectiveness in the field.  

Standard Augmentations

Every individual that is selected to become an AESIR through the NeMeSIS program must undertake a variety of gruelling excersizes and test before being approved for the increasingly risky and life-altering augmentations each AESIR receives as a base-line before then returning to their home nation's facilities for additional testing, excersizes and augmentations. Those initial augmentations for the AESIR Mk.II however, are as follows:

    Synthetic Vestibular system

    Greately enhancing the AESIR's sense of balance and location in space by detecting the motion and orientation of the AESIR. In turn, this enables the AESIR to move more fluidly and acrobatically through a space without difficulty.  

    N.E.R.V System

    The N.E.R.V system allows for the direct and instantaneous interfacing of soldiers to their gear. Though not widely adopted and greately frowned upon due to the methodology required to implement such a system, N.E.R.V allows the user to respond faster and with greater agility than any other interfacing platform.  

    Cylindrical Fullerene Ossification Infusion

    In order to accomidate the forces of speed and impact an AESIR can endure, a synthetic organ is implanted, cable of housing nano-machines safely within the body. The Ossification infusion is achieved by regulated, self-replicating, nano-machines implanting the carbon nanotubes into the skeletal strucute during the ossification process.
    The carbon nanotubes are regularly injected into the body through a pre-installed port that directly connects to the synthetic organ.

Performance Enhancing EQuipment (PEEQ)

As part of the development process within the NeMeSIS programme, The Black Foundry define several key pieces of equipment that should be provided to an AESIR. Most notabily, the under armour exo-skeleton that every AESIR utilizes.
These pieces of equipment that The Black Foundry sets out design schematics, briefs and technical evaluations for; to enable members of the Imperium Coalition to implement and utilise are:


The core of the AESIR Mk.II platform is the Exo-Skeleton manufactured by The Black Foundry as part of the NeMeSIS programme on behalf of Helix Technica.   The Exo-Skeleton improves upon the designs of the Mk.I AESIR's bulkier and less-efficient Exo-Skeleton by utilising smaller but more powerful servos, stronger yet lighter alloys and a design influenced by additive manufacturing techniques to create a more efficient platform.   The exo-skeleton is designed to be a foundation for extensive additions and as such has a purpose built mounting method that is unique to the exo-skeleton. This mounting method makes it easier for machines to attach plating, subsystems and weaponry to the frame as quickly as possible whilst maintaining a reliable and strong connection for both hardware and data signals alike.

Armour and sub-systems

Whilst the exact materials, shaping and design of the various sub-systems and armour utilised by an AESIR are not defined by The Black Foundry, they do provide guidelines for minimum and maximum boundaries of armour pieces as well as define how they are to be affixed to the underlying exo-skeleton.  

Jump-jets and manuvering thrusters

high thrust, short burn-time jump jets are mounted to the spine and calfs sections of the AESIR mk.II armour in varying fashions depending on the requirements of the suit. For the Alliance of Democratic Nations's GUNGNIR/Akula variant, a large singular thruster is mounted inline with the spinal column. This thruster is then flanked by two sets of small angular wings that are able to act as air brakes and aid in directional control. Additionally, a smaller single thruster is embedded into each calf to also aid in directional control and provide additional lift.
Avg. Height
2.28m (7.5ft)
Avg. Weight
523.7kg (1,154.56lbs)
All artwork that is not an original creation by myself (@Bladeswillfall) will be replaced in time with either original pieces or commissioned art.

Armour Variants

Armour variants for the AESIR's exo-skeleton are designated via an international standard assigned by the Imperium Coalition. For each unique armour pattern, an IC-code, ADN and PCP tag are provided.

Popular Consortium Party


    Designation: Kaban/_____
      The Kaban/____ is the PCP's most used variant of AESIR mk.II armour. It's bulkier design affords the opperator greater protection than the ADN's equivalent and is better insulated for harsher environments.
    Additionally, the bulkier design allows the opperator to utilise heavier weaponry than normal, fitting the PCP's unstated principles of slow but decisive action.


    Designation: ____________
    Image_missing_2 by Me (Fall)

Alliance of Democratic Nations


    Designation: GUNGNIR/Akula
      The GUNGNIR/Akula is the ADN's most populalry fielded variant of Mk.II AESIR armour. The sleek design and large synthetic musculature affords the opperator great agility and mobility across the battlefield. Though lighter on armour than the PCP counterpart, the angled design utilised on this variant increases the chances of deflection and as such narrows the gap in protection.


    Designation: ____________
    Image_missing_2 by Me (Fall)


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I love the standard Augmentations, looks like the start of super soldiers, especially the N.E.R.V. system. Very cool article.

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