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Man-made demons are the AESIR, designed and forged to fight fire with fire, monster with monster.
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The AESIR are soldiers of the Imperium Coalition who have been biologically and technologically engineered and enhanced to be genetically, mentally and physically superior to all other soldiers. The Acronym AESIR stands for Augmented and Enhanced Strike, Infiltration and Reconisance - a name coined by Helix Technica for the product of their hugely successful NeMeSIS program.
  After centuries of turmoil against the hordes of demons under the 7 Nadirs of Sin, a long history of elite warriors, super-soldiers and man-made machines of war, the Coalition (IC) looked to history and private industries to produce a new super-soldier. One who could be an extremely lethal and effective tool of surgical brutality. Capable of infiltrating deep behind enemy lines, striking at key strategical targets and retrieving valuable assets as individuals or small teams.
The AESIR have also proven to be adept at scouting missions, where difficult terrain would prove impassable by others.   Whilst each AESIR is trained by their home nation, be they under the Alliance or Consortium flag, they are ultimately commanded by the IC who legally over-rule any command given by their ADN or PCP commanders. As such, the AESIR are legally not permitted to engage in the anti-ADN or anti-PCP missions of any kind. They are strictly retained for defencive or offensive missions against cultists and Demon.  


The core frame or bare 'UnderArmour' is developed exclusively by The Black Foundry for the Imperium Coalition. A whole host of varying manufaturers then produce a variety of sub-sytems and armours for members of the Alliance of Democratic Nations and Popular Consortium Party alike.   Once permanently afixed to the AESIR, a dehumanizing, skin-tight full bodysuit, covering the AESIR entirely is stretched over the UnderArmour and clasped shut. Leaving only a select few components of the UnderArmour still visible, creating a vaccum seal to protect the AESIR whilst still permitting the outer armour to be afixed to its mounting points. Two thick but flexible in-line filtered pipes, run alongside the AESIR's throat, one either side, that connect to flat quick-disconnect fittings. These allow the AESIR to breath once the relevant piece of outer armour or supporting equipment is attached.

    Outer Armour

    The ADN prefer to equip their AESIR with sharp, angular designs with top of the line technology, opting for speed and agility. Whereas the PCP instead typically adopt rounded, sturdier designs and the utilisation of further biological enhancements through the use of additional medicinal concotions. Thus making the PCP variants stronger and more capable in harsher environments.


To be classified as an AESIR, the soldier must meet a certain set of criteria, the method in which said criteria are met is not strictly regulated. However, the criteria are repeatedly tested and must be re-producable to the same level of quality within a very small margin.   This process allows for innovation, competition and doctrine variation to be viabale aswell as benefical to the IC, for the variance in AESIR means there can be specialised roles as well as a baseline for performance in any task.   All AESIR are equiped with high thrust, short burn-time jump jets, as such the AESIR can be an extremely maneuverable soldier with the right loadout.  
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    AESIR Mk.I

    The bulky and imposing Mk.I AESIR was intended to be a proof of concept, demonstrating the effectiveness of such a powerful platform whilst reasuring stakeholders that the brutal surgeries, questionable medicinal injections and gruelling training was all worthwhile to create those who would defend humanity against the inhumanity of Demons. What else would be better to fight monsters than monsters themselves?   Unfortunately, the process for augmenting an individual to use the assosciated armour and sub-systems effectively was brutal. Of the few who survived the process, even fewer remained sane enough to be deployed multiple times. Often, by the 10th deployment, the AESIR would begin showing signs of psychosis and emotional dysregulation. Further deployments after these signs arose would result in the AESIR no longer responding to commands and rampaging until decomissioned by friendly forces or otherwise.   Eventually, due to the significant loss of life and unreliable, uncontrollable nature of the Mk.I AESIRs, the programme was shut down until such a time where the augmentation process was statistically more likely to succeed and failsafes could be built in to prevent future rampages.  


    Implanted with the controversial N.E.R.V System, the Mk.II AESIR's are able to respond faster and with greater agility to stimulants.
    Additionaly, the new N.E.R.V System would help to regulate the AESIR's chemistry, keeping them at a safe level and aiding to prevent psychosis.   Clad in armour that is both lighter and more effective than that provided to the Mk.I AESIR, the Mk.II's enjoy an advancement in almost every manner over the Mk.I's. Their new equipment would make them faster, stronger, more agile and safer, all whilst having to go through less life-threatening procedures.   The Mk.II was a great success for the NeMeSIS program and subsequently Helix Technica, with such a substantial improvement over the previous generation, the Imperium Coalition quickly adopted the new standard, encouraging the Alliance of Democratic Nations and Popular Consortium Party to begin implementing this new generation of super-soldier into their military doctrines respectively. The sooner the ADN and PCP could define their requirements for their variants of the Mk.II AESIR, the sooner the IC could begin procuring the UnderArmour exo-skeleton from the The Black Foundry and begin deploying them to anti-Demon missions.

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