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Describe an endangered species in your world. Why is it in this position?   The vivid red healtoad used to live abundantly among the verdant forests of the tropical Iguacu belt, but has since been hunted to near extinction. These toads have distinct red colouring, which makes them easy to spot among the foliage. The reason for their excessive hunting stems from their magical properties - a healtoad has unique bioactive cells in its blood that allow it to use magic to fuel cell regeneration, allowing it to effectively recover from any wounds or illnesses. Healtoad blood is one of the most popular active ingredients use to synthesise healing potions, which are immensely valuable, so poachers go out of their way to catch these creatures.   Attempts to raise healtoads in captivity have failed due to the fact that their spawn cannot survive outside the aura of magic which surrounds the great spirit trees (link) in the depths of the Iguacu forest. This means the only way to obtain them is to travel deep into the jungle and catch them in the wild, causing a great decline in their numbers, despite the best efforts of the druidic wardens who inhabit the area to turn away poachers.   The treatment of healtoads has led to a moral crisis among many alchemists, who have begun a movement refusing to purchase healtoad blood as potion ingredients, and advertise their potions as 'healtoad friendly', being made form alternative ingredients such as moondrop blossoms (link) and heart squid (link) Despite this, for all the many good-hearted alchemists there will always be those who are willing to turn a blind eye in exchange for profit, and sales of healtoad blood are gradually moving into the domain of the black market. It seems that until a cheaper active ingredient can be found for health potions, healtoads will always be in danger.

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