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Virturia is a world built atop a great multitude of buried secrets. Long ago, people inhabited this place who had developed magical technology far beyond what exists today. But all of that is gone now. lost in an event we know only as 'the cataclysm'. Nobody knows anymore exactly what happened on that day, but legends tell that the cataclysm was the birth of a new generation of deities. Stores exist of the 'Old gods' that created this planet and wove the planes of energy around it, but it seems they have since disappeared. In their place is a multitude of unique divine beings who have all taken up jurisdiction over their own small corners of the world. The effects of the cataclysm are still visible, even a thousand years on, in curious weather patterns, bizarre monsters and landscapes permanently marred by the shockwaves. In the thousand years since the cataclysm, the remnants of civilisation have been working to rebuild, with help from their gods. But it has never been easy. Conflict arises often between rival factions, and in a world filled with monsters, nobody is ever truly safe. It is from the turmoil of this world that a unique strain of people emerged. Mercenaries who defend trade convoys from pirates, Monster slayers who bring home the heads of terrifying beasts, soldiers, sages, scouts and spies all playing different roles but with one key thing in common- a thirst for adventure! These heroes came to be known as adventurers, and you are a rookie setting out to become one of them, alongside your unlikely friends. It is on this day and at this hour that your adventure into the land of Virturia begins!