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I really love implementing science into my fictional works. Sometimes, I even create some "science" to explain some supernatural aspects like magic, ghosts, and sometimes, magical creatures in anything I write.
Virtuality is a world where science and technologies dominate the lives of its inhabitants. The technological advancements are rapid and scientific discoveries are made easier through the existence of anomalous races.
Virtuality is known to have humans and 6 anomalous races coexisting with each other. These anomalous races include: Malfunctions, Empyruleans, Akustisch, Androids, Kemono, and Furals. The races in general are called Anomalies due to their physiology baffling scientists as most of the time, their abilities and physical functions can't be explained with existing scientific laws yet and are considered as "magic" to the vast majority.
Technologies in Virtuality range from weather-regulating devices to technologies that aid in different profession. Architectures are also known to take advantage of their environment, building on top of them instead of destroying the said environment to make buildings and structures.

Note: This world is subjected to any change or additional info if the author gains new ideas and decides to implement it here. As such, there will be some articles where there may be new information or some information have been modified and changed.

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