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Gehen Volki also have a form of natural Reincarnation without the aid of spell casting. This nature reincarnation sends the Gehen Volki's soul to the Hell which is next of the five which it cycles through. While in this Hell the soul is transformed by the nature of the Hell, striping away much of its memories and in the case of more powerful souls they are split apart with its life experiences shared among the fragments, Hell taking a toll to warp some fragments into Devils and sending the rest to be born into a bodies of the Race which represents the Hell's Element. A soul ALWAYS is reincarnated, with only the most evil and tyrannical parts becoming Devils. This is a significant reason Gehen Volki reject evil and law generally as a Culture, they religiously inclined among them understand whatever good is within their soul will reincarnate and have to face the mechanization of devils grown from the evil and tyrannical parts of their past selves. Also because more powerful souls are split up significantly powerful and good freedom-loving souls may have multiple individuals incarnate with different pieces of memories of that life.   The funeral use of the Ceremony Spell in Gehen Volki ensures the soul of the dead goes to Hell and is not trapped by unnatural forces in the physical world. Even with the 25 GP worth of Silver and a Shaman, loved ones often pull together what savings they can to ensure their loved one goes to Hell. Undeath is viewed as an extremely horrifically unnatural alternative compared to Hell and is greatly feared as it is seen as ending the cycle of reincarnation, permanent removal anything good about the person from the natural cycle of life-death-rebirth. This causes great distrust of the Frum in general and ferocious emnity when it is found that their priest of undeath have practiced their arts on Gehen Volki remains.   While the Druids of the Imperium are capable of pulling souls from their afterlife of life of Eternal Bliss as one of the many branches of the All Tree through Divine Spell Casting to Reincarate as one of the five races and sex of goblinoid plants of the Imperium at random, Druids of the Gehen Volki use their Divine Spell Casting to rip a soul from the Five Hells if the subject and spell caster meets the requirements that forces the Gehen Volki to incarnate as randomly either sex but always the next race in their natural cycle.

Metaphysical, Supernatural

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