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Meteor Tuefel

One of the five Fiendish Patrons to Gehen Volki Warlocks. He is the Devil of Heaven and Metal. He is sharp, righteous and aloof. He is the tormentor of Fünfte souls, preparing them to reincarnate in their next life as Dritte after their stay upon iron isles of admantine fortresses covered with swirling blades upon every surface floating aboved tangled seething seas of razor sharp coiling wires has sliced away their affinity for wood and their suffering sharpens and hardens their soul like metal.

Divine Domains

Metal, Stars

Holy Books & Codes

Drudenfuß, the book of the five Hells, the original of which penned from the fountain of blood the damned flowing where the hells meet upon pages made of flayed skin of those tortured souls. Upon the book is the symbol of the same name. This not a holybook exactly but an occult manual useful for those interesting in becoming a witch, for those born Fated to be Professionals, or warlock, for those Welborn or Highborn, or researching about those professions.

Divine Classification
Arch Devil

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