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Virtateron; Land of Many Virtues

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Six cultures via for control of this large island continent and its shallow waterways. The golden sun and silvery moon shine down on the dunes of black sand of Heylik Erets where Frum toil with their whole existence, seeking to pay back their debts to the church of Bal-Khoyv, God of Debt and Undeath, the money they owe for being born, fees for disobedience, and literal loans taken out on their post-death labor. If Frummen die debt free or finish they indentured servitude as an undead, and have a funeral performed on their remains, they may finally rest in the lush banquette halls and golden vaults of Raykh, the goddess of Reward and Death. Within the rolling foothills, massive savanna, and plains of Gehen Ort reincarnating races of orcs, mixed elven descent, and humans interbreed in sub-races which have dream-like memories of their past lives, their souls having been tormented and cleansed between each life in the Five Elemental Hells of the Five Elemental. Devils raid and war with each other because they see strife and conflict as needed to gain strength, wisdom, and paradoxically harmony. The plant goblins of the Imperium have a powerful militant republic in the massive forest of the Imperial Sylva, with grove city-state colonies to extract tribute from kingdoms or nations unable to resist the might of the Imperium. While the Imperium only has a single deity, that deity gives unconditional forgiveness and eternal bliss in the afterlife to Imperials which frees them to act as they please in life, creating a rift between kind faith and cruel secular rulers. The slow water under the humid air of the Darkwood mangove swamp Gwo Rigor progresses inevitable towards the shallow pirate and merchant ship filled bays as surely as the story of various Pasaje' travels through their unhurried drawling pidgin speech to each other down the generations of the egg laying Races of the Pasaje;. Fame and imfamy to the Pasaje' are their route to becoming demi-gods, as everyone of they knows if they receive proper funeral rites and are remembered in the stories of their people they can relive those event in the Eternal Story, while those that are forgotten play the roles of mere faceless extras in the afterlife of others. Jundo-no-subaku is a land once alive with lush green jungles but has been reduced to eroded canyons of alchemically polluted rivers, deserts of necrotic ashen dust, and ephemeral ghost-tree forests caused draining the very life out of the land by atheistic elemental fey races' arcane and alchemical industrialization. Finally Urbo Insulin, the isle of coral-grown cities risen from the sea floor by the disgusting cannibalistic aberrant semi-aquatic races of the Verron, whom ate their own deity from the inside out and worship themselves as their own god are a threat to all other cultures.