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An echo of a great society- that's what your parents told you when you arrived. You were told this planet was a safe and stable living space. NEO Sector 9.a was advertised as the most well balanced dystopian planet since Earth was destroyed in 2088. Once the human race achieved hyperspace travel in 2050, the planet was barely livable. Thankfully humankind was able to leave the milky-way and into bigger universes. Creatures mutated, adapted, disappeared and even still we forgot what would happen when things go unchecked. We mutated all organisms with the best genes and best attributes to tailor our needs. New breeds appeared. And knowledge ruled the nations of the dying planet of Earth. We could not save our home. You were once a child of one of the finest genetic family tree. You don't know it yet, but you aren't fully organic. You came to NEO in search of answers. What are you? Where did you come from? At least that's what you thought you were going to be doing once you arrived. Instead you find your apartment trashed, your things on the floor, and a note on your bed. You picked it up in search of answers.   "THE BEAST WAS HERE." written in red ink, barely comprehending what just happened you start to call home- no answer. Worry flushed through your body, and perhaps due to fate, a large billboard made of artificial light advertised in big neon: "Join the fight against the beast!" Clearing your throat and dialing the number on the board, you catch a sense of dread. This wasn't real... It can't be.

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