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  Coming from Opulence, the luxurious eco-city floating in the center of the Indigo Sea, which is it's own self-governed nation, Opalites stand apart from the rest. Everything from the world class university, incredible penthouses, all the way down to the solar sailboats drifting in the sea around it screams that decadence and wealth fills this sleek white city. And it's pretty true, because Opalite's enjoy the highest average quality of life compared to every other major eco-city in the area. It comes down to the 100% self-contained renewable energy cycle and high level of labor technology which frees most citizens from needing to work for a wage. As such, Opalite's are known for being free-spirits doing as they please at any whim.   This isn't to say they as a people have nothing to offer the world. Opulence is the most technologically advanced city, both in academic and material production. They trade critical eco-technology needed to sustain eco-cities in other nearby provinces. Namely Thelereth which is largely responsible for feeding Opulence fresh grown fruits and vegetables, and Wynstonne which has the largest exports of livestock and land-raised meats. Though most Opalites maintain a strong preference for a fish -- a more accessible meat, produce is truly the only import this otherwise self-sufficient city requires. Opulance was the city that designed and built the hyperloop system that connects all the major eco-cities in each province together, and Opalite's take great pride in their dominance within the field of eco-tech and the high value of their intellectual pursuits and successes.   People from Opulence have a distinct style of dress from people of the other regions, one that befits their perceived ascension above nature itself. (Opalite's, afterall, discovered the Laruian Dimension of course). They often wear a 'divine' level of luxurious outfits that gives the impression of godliness, with over-the-top gowns and suits which are dramatic, surreal and nature-inspired. Dramatic jewelry too is common, often eye-popping and natural; favorites including ear cuffs (even among men) and bold headdresses. Nightlife attire is a whole different beast and usually features clothing intermixed with LED lights and bright colors. LEDs lighting up the undersides of high heels, and dresses that swirls with LED colors in dark clubs are all the rage.

Cover image: Viri World Cover by Victoria Stone & Josh Hild


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