Dreamtide Ruins

These ruins are sunken along the shore beside the Dreamtide Wetlands and they are of an ancient town pre-green revolution. So there are still some metal high rise buildings, streetlamps, gas powered cars and smaller buildings all of which have been reclaimed by the sea. Dreamtide ruins are a popular recreational diving location due to all the corals and colorful abundant sealife living over the ruins. But strange myths about peculiar sea monsters or missing people permeates its otherwise boundless beauty. Many link these tales and suspicions to the idea that the Dreamtide Ruins sit directly below the largest breeding site for phasmaia in the laruian dimension, so so veil between the two worlds are very thin here. It's not unheard of for tall tales to be spread about people accidentally swimming through portals, or witnessing giant laruia deep on the bowels of the ruins. Those myths hardly keep away eager tourist crowds though, and they also attract curious researchers hoping to be the one to prove the connection between the ruins and the phasaia breeding cave.   The oddest and probably most profound evidence of this myth so far was when a woman went diving and her diving group lost track of her within an old minimart cavern, and she vanished. She had been gone underwater for many days, presumed dead, even had a funeral because she never surfaced so obviously had run out of oxygen and drowned. 5 days later, she swims out from behind a sunken car before another diving group and goes to the surface with them. She and every one else with her are incredibly confused. She has missing time and can't recall where she was or how long she had been gone other than having strange descriptions of hearing sounds and remembered feeling frightening or confused.

Cover image: Viri World Cover by Victoria Stone & Josh Hild


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