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Through all that is happening, I’ve come to the conclusion that not all great discoveries are good for the progress of humanity. It seemed that way for a long time, basically since 2144 AD, when the purity of man's green technology reached a tipping point that freed us from energy scarcity, a dying planet, inequality, hunger, war, and even poverty. Through discovery and technology, the human race was saved at long last by our ingenuity. We didn’t have the problems of our ancestors to hold us back anymore.   All that changed in year 2875, which was only seventeen years ago from this recording.   This fragility of society didn’t seem possible to me, that our utopian Earth hundreds of years in a stasis of comfort and peace could irrevocably be upended in a measly seventeen years. All from one single new discovery. But that’s exactly what happened, and I think most people are still in denial about it. It is, after all, difficult for people to admit something as revolutionary and romantic as being Tethered is something we'd be better off without.
Our first true contact with an alternate world which possesses intelligent life born of elsewhere, intelligent life which can essentially fuse with a human host and grant them otherworldly power… well, let’s just say it has resewn the fabric of our society. And for the worst. The true breadth of how bad this really is only now is coming into view, and it is hard to grasp where the edges of it will be. Why? It all comes down to the Three Generations… well four now. But, it’s this division of power, this exclusivity, that those generations caused which has returned inherent inequality, and thus every human problem, back into our world.   Mankind can only outrun his savage nature for so long, and it has finally caught up with us.     Soren Elliott
Coelarua Researcher in Opulence
Personal Audioblog Transcript. May 15, 2892. #3    

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