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The Spine War

The Spine War (323 MC - 325 MC)

While the Panthem's largest land mass is now only host to one kingdom, Ullon, it was once host to three: Ullon, Ophestia and Awaid. Ullon was all the continent west of the Spine including the Koshar Desert besides Anunir and Viscor; Ophestia was the smallest kingdom and occupied the continent's frozen south-eastern spike; Awaid was everything north of Ophestia and east of Ullon.

The three kingdoms had mixed histories together, but had, until recently, been on peaceful terms, sharing people and goods and organisations. The Wizard's Council had a tower in each kingdom, and occasionally the three rulers would convene and discuss the future of the realm. In 322 MC, however, King Arthur Aegis of Ullon, wounded from his failure to colonise Anunir six years earlier, plotted to invade the other two kingdoms and subjugate them.

Ullon began to trickle forces to its western border. Before long border posts held garrisons, and by the time the other nations realised what was happening a great force had moved east to invade. King Rodan Ryder of Awaid and King Gostelle Varl of Ophestia were under attack.

Ullon's forces quickly moved westward, taking hostages from minor noble houses as they travelled. They did well to travel down Ophestia, but found themselves repelled by Awaid at the Mopuntains of the Black Stone and on the southern side of the Spine. While the two enemy kingdoms had to mobilise their armies, Ullon had already began to mobilise its own; reinforcements came very quickly.

King Arthur Aegis died three months into the war in the Battle of Mountain Shadow. His body was paraded by the forces of Awaid and considered a great victory. This only inspired Ullon's council to employ more lethal tactics, and before long magical poisons and gases were being used in their warfare.

Down south, Ullon forces found it difficult to move beyond the Aorcastis Mountains, where they were funnelled and trapped regularly by Ophestia's forces. They tried to pass through the mountains, but found the peaks too cold to survive in. While Winterblow and Silverhill fell, Frostpoint and Icelance (now Lasthold, named for this war) survived.

Arthur Aegis's son Galehaut was coronated as king, but his mother, Queen Lunette, and the council continued the efforts. A year in they called a retreat from Ophestia's frozen land and focused their efforts on Awaid. Not long after this, Barcley Ryder, heir to King Ryder, was taken hostage. For some time King Rodan fought hard to take a hostage of his own, but four months later he called a surrender.

Queen Lunette summoned all to the Lantern Tower south of the Spire to negotiate a peace. There, she ordered the execution of the Ryder nobles, and treated instead with Dirk Foult, the Awaiden Earl of Foulcen. The two agreed that Awaiden would join the kingdom of Ullon and would answer to Ullon's monarch, and Foult was given the former Awaiden capital, Rlachen (now Ironport).

Ophestia was given some peacetime, independent still.

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