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A shield breaks the wave of darkness, a circle of sunlight around a group of children, huddled on the ground as screams fill the air. People stand in a circle, hands uplifted, faces turned to the sky, chanting for Clarimond to shield the innocent souls contained in the circle. Outside the shield, a person in loose clothes pauses, yells out "AMZI GRANT ME STRENGTH" before throwing themselves back into the darkness. A queen stands before a podium, no one around, and falls to her knees, begging Nanar to guide her words and decisions so she can save her people. A quiet giggle, swallowed by mist. Two young travelers listen as the wind dances through the glass chimes around them, one praises the action of having been found, thanking the Lost One for their shelter. The other dances as flowers spring behind them, laughing at the joy of existing next to he who they thought lost. A quiet prayer is thought to the Wind-dancer, thanking her for the ability to follow the winds to him. A blind man rests on the steps of a temple, begging. He thinks as people pass, ignorant to the test they are failing, 'Tico, guide to me the new king...' The earth shifts, turning over. Tuhd settles, and falls to sleep once more, the darkness no longer plaguing his hills. Anur looks down, tears dancing at all who were lost even as she gathers them into her arms to decorate the sky as stars.   Viraleia is full of much magic. Gods and Goddess dance across the hills, effecting people where ever they step. The people love them, however... Even after so long, the history lost to the sands of time, glass worn soft and grainy, hides a dark secret. It lurks, ready to try and defeat the others once more.   Enter the world, see the story, expeariance the magic. They are waiting. Are you coming?