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Grande Wicksler Continental Ferriere

The stuff of legends, this transit vehicle breaks all records as it carves its way into the future and history of Wicksler and the world. Born from the ferry train system, the Ferriere is the longest vehicle in the world, has the longest round travel distance and the largest capacity for both passengers and cargo. The Ferriere is also unusual in the way of its ownership and classification, rather than a mere vehicle the Ferriviere government also classifies it one of their lands. As such along with the usual case of passengers, cargo, tourists and workers, you'll also find residents living in mini towns and even government centres aboard the Ferriere. Unlike other vehicles, there is only one single Ferriere model in existence at any one time and can only be located in the one river system.   Designed specifically for the Grande Wicksler River Circuit, now known as the Wicksler Circuit or Circuit River, the Ferriere travels solely along the Circuit current, never turning slowing or stopping. The Wicksler Circuit first flows North atop the highest mountain ranges across the continent, before dipping down to shore, then travelling back Southward under the mountains and back to beginning in one round ring.   In order to carry and care both its passengers and cargo well the Ferriere was built as a travelling dock rather than an entire vehicle unto itself. Along the length of its sides there are docking points built for ferry trains, ferry carriages and small boats alike. The main body is split into various sectors to better manage tourist, passenger, industrial cargo and resident needs. Carriages for people to rest and reside stretch up across its centre point, similar to a cruise, with occasional under water areas for them. Passenger and tourist carriages contain seating, viewpoints, eateries, restaurants, entertainment spots and more. Cargo and machinery are typically stored in below water level carriages at the end sector's of the Ferriere.   The Ferriere is run with kinetic and water powered electricity made in its travels, delivered via electrical wires strung along entire Wicksler Circuit. These wires control the Ferrieres' route which is why it is often referred to as a train. Along with the main power lines, there are also backup generators in intermittent undercarriages to make up for shortages and as an emergency source.  

History & Conflict


Build Up

  The birth mother of the Ferriere and its transit system was the more local systems of ferry trains where individual ferry carriages would move independently and link up in a snail line as necessary. They worked well on a local and national level but fell short of continental ambitions, eventually giving way to bloody and dramatic creation of the Wicksler Circuit route and the Ferriere. In respect of this origin the Ferriere maintained the train ferry system by keeping them in national and local systems and setting up docking points for them.   Before the Ferriere and Wicksler systems came into place, the Grande Wicksler River Circuit was called Zylias River Ring and came under the ownership of different countries domains across the continent. The River Ring feeds into the smaller river systems and waterways of every nation in the Wickslen continent, making it absolutely vital to national and international communities. The lack of true ownership of the River Ring was a foundation of societal harmony. That is why it was no surprise to anyone that the ambitious project was feared and reviled all across Wicksler, or that this tension brew itself into unprecedented violence and societal discord.  

Bloody Scramble

  Everyone was of a different mind. Nations sought their own interests and local communities detested the attempted controls of their waterways. All those who shared in the ambition agreed it would be most successful under singular rule but none could come to terms on its particulars. Some wanted to own it themselves, some preferred a true neutrality, others thought it best privatised or under shared ownership and yet others wanted no change at all and for the system to be left be. The issue was further exaserbated by foreign controls over sections of the River Ring by the Church of Cliridizaun.   In order to progress they had to come of one mind, no matter the cost. First, the nations fought within, taking their waters out of local hands and bringing insurgents to heel. Some nations succeeded in bringing them under government control, others lost to independent groups and privatisation. Some systems came under criminal control, then overtaking the nation. Other nations couldn't withstand the discord and felling on themselves, eventually being cut up and split between its borders powers.  

Factional Squabbles & A Nations Birth

  Once individual nations brought themselves under reign they had to fight external competition as well. The continent was split into factions as countries banded together, aiming to buy each other out, swallow up other factions, increase their territory through war and made use of any tool they could to gain an upper hand. Some even attempted build the Ferriere themselves to dominate River Ring. Criminal organisations thrived in the bloodshed and grew into power and prominence alongside intelligence organisations and merchant industriesas they worked as the arms and legs of the warring factions.   One small but particularly ambitious nation, Vierune, sought to make use of the chaos to fight and expand themselves along the length of the river, gaining natural rights to it. Not so much as a single faction took them seriously, choosing to laugh at the very gall of them and watch them implode from a distance. It took the absorption of 3 Ring regions, 5 united minor nations and 2 criminal organisations for the fear to set in. Factions stopped laughing and watched their dark horse in trepidation, waiting for them to trip up. Slowly, the factions paid each other less and less attention as they sought to end the nations progress and undo the damage done. Vierune responded to the threat by cutting of their rivers, filling their waterways with rubble and spreading further outward.  


  The Factions were furious. Not only were they cutting off their rivers lifeline and damaging their waterways, their abuse of power was fueling the anti-circuit groups and causing internal divides. As Vierune expanded their hold of the Northern Route and united the as of yet hidden and unknown peoples of the Southern Route, the Factions banded together under the newborn banner of the Wicksler Continental Union (WCU). In order to stabilise and centralise their power they moved their headquarters to the detached island nation, Dellisle, as their independence from the river system acted as a mighty shield. This shield was so strong that this event was the first time the people of Dellisle had been drawn into the fight or in any affected outside of trade concerns.   Having the United Factions consolidate their power in their land, they lost their status as a Neutral Independent faction and their peace with it. Mourning this loss the people revolted, shutting down transit lines, increased tariffs, refused service to unionists, cut off their resources and made a general nuisance of themselves, occasionally tipping into violence. In order to win them over they gave their leaders Ministerial positions in the Union, declared Dellisle the continents Capital, granted them tariff and tax benefits and poured money into destroyed communities. Remaining roots of resilience was purged by criminalising them, framing them for various crimes, labelling them terrorists and quietly removing with underground powers.   By the time the Wicksler Continental Union had gained their foothold, Vierune, now self-renamed Ferriviere, had won. Their territory now covered the entire stretch of Zylias River Ring, posts had been developed and the initial development of the Ferriere was well underway. The WCU was done with wasting time. They moved as one as they reclaimed land after land, slowly driving them to the banks of the River Ring itself. Ferriviere had grown complacent with victory, their soldiers worn with war and resources nearly spent. Gritting their teeth, the people of the River Nation of Ferriviere wound themselves up for last one push to keep their victory from slipping away. Luckily for them the WCU had also been well spent and worn down. Their evened odds forced the fight to an end, the result balanced by the WCUs political powers and Ferrivieres' domination of the waters.  

Closing Curtains

  The warring concluded. The WCU won rights to the continent and the land, the nation of Ferriviere won the Wicksler Circuit but all rights to the land and river branches. The WCU keep them in line with their authority, economic powers, national trade and land ownership combined with strict trade agreements between them, Ferriviere and the Church of Cliridizaun. The result was disatisfying for both parties but both were too exhausted to exhausted to change the ultimatum.   Ferriviere did keep one major gain however, the secretive communities of the hidden underground lands along the Southern Route. Thinking their was nothing but rock under the mountains the WCU gave them full ownership in the hopes it would keep them quiet while they rebuilt and restarted their bid for the Circuit. The people of Ferriviere were in no hurry to correct them as it preserved their land based homes while others in their community chose to permanently reside on the Ferriere itself. By the time WCU discovered their mistake the fight was long past and their peace made.  

International Relations

  The impact of the Ferriere and the Wicksler Circuit on the international relations of the nations of Wicksler is, to be blunt, absolutely enormous, gamechanging even. It was, after all, the desire to build and control the Ferriere and the Wicksler Circuit that sparked violence amongst the continents inhabitants and drenched the lands and water in blood. Nations fell, others were were born, some lost power and some gained it. Lines were drawn in the sand, and eventually came together to birth the government representative of the entire continent of Wicksler, the Wicksler Continental Union (WCU). The Factions became regions under the Capital Nation, Dellisle and gained both power and responsibility over their lands. The past hold of Ferriviere on the River Ring broke the Church of Cliridizauns' absolute control over the lands they'd held too, driving them to the WCU. The cost was unspeakable, worthy of an eternity of nightmares, but the gains were just as impressive.   The development of the Ferriere and Circuit increased trade, travel and the development of culture and technologies. The Ferriere held and moved many people of different origins, becoming a veritable melting pot of cultures, which sparked the Cultural Revolution that took Wicksler by storm. The continued peace and gains slowly brought Ferriviere back into the goodwill of Wicksler,further stabilising the continent and driving them into the future.   This coincided with the Industrial and Social Revolutions brought forth by the end of war and the backbreaking efforts of the WCU. Living standards and educational increased, adding to the power of the WCU.   It wasn't long before the Wicksler Continental Union became a global power. Wicksler became a world centre, profiting off of and further developing trade, education, culture and technologies. Their higher education facilities bred some of the best minds and leaders of the era, furthering their power and influence. Off course this also came with its own tradeoffs, opening them up to more complex external influences and conflict.  

Cultural Significance

  The completion of the Ferriere service and Wicksler Circuit is a landmark event in the cultural development of Ferriviere, Wicksler and the world. The contained melting pot aboard the Ferriere connected people and blended cultures, sparking a Cultural Revolution and leading Wicksler to a multicultural future. This was further powered by the Circuits connection to the Aurora River trade route, connecting them to almost the entirety of the human world. The stability and equalisation of the WCU also powered this revolution, developing the arts, sciences, education and international communities.   Some notable cultural impacts include;
  • Vriorlor Plaitrings
  • Moon Rings
  • Specialised Pastry Stores
  • Cafe Culture
  • Mixed Worship Centres
"All the greatest achievements are built upon a foundation of corpses. The Ferriere is no different, how can we revile it for such pointless ideology? We've bled rivers of blood to earn this achievement, we must use it to grow and venture forward, not falter." - Markin Rullow, WCU Minister of Records & Information
The Ferriere, Ferry Train
Venture Forward, Not Falter
Owning Organization
Just 1 in the world

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