Wayback Wednesday - Jan 15, 2020

I've been slowly transitioning into posting about my work each weekday on Twitter and Tumblr (<- newly renamed to match my name here) and posting more to my Ko-fi. It occurred to me this week that I wasn't posting to my author blog. How ironic! So now my posts will be made here first.   Today we get a blast from the past in Liminal Chronicles.
Kodama by Amy Winters-Voss
This is one of my favorite species, because there's so much room for interpretation. Many people will think of Miyazaki's version from movies like Princess Mononoke. I wanted more than a watching forest child or a spirit stuck in a tree--something that hints of mischief and their almost alien nature. It's loosely based on Shinto beliefs, but out of respect for the Japanese culture that I love I tried to give it a unique spin so it built on what I could find of them instead of just swiping the idea.   If you'd like to know more about these little guys, click on the article box in the middle.
A question for my readers, I've been pondering how best for authors to utilize World Anvil for getting the word out about their worlds. Do you like this style?


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