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STATE OF THE FOX - Dec 26, 2021

It's been a while since I shared an update. Sorry. It just took a while to get back into the right headspace for sharing. On to the news!


Liminal Chronicles News

Guardian (book 2) is in the hands of my wonderful editor, Sarah Buhrman for development edit pass. I wrote this book in snippets as I could, and it needed much story surgery before Sarah even saw it. I’m eager to see what she'll say!  


In November, Diane Morrison, Sarah Buhrman, Eli Kwake, and I undertook a VSS (very short twitter length story) challenge to post a story snippet using the prompts of the day for #vss365, Merriam Webster's word of the day, and (optional) #vssLiminal.   We used polls to see whose story was the readers' favorite. But we could only have 4 people for a Twitter poll. So I pondered how to make it accessible for a larger group. Changes for this round include:
  • threads of VSS story snippets to make longer stories
  • putting our best 1 or 2 in a zine hosted here on WA
  • reading aloud our faves/best on a special Twitch stream Feb 4.
  • For full details or to sign up, click below.
    vssCollab Challenge
    Generic article | Sep 24, 2023

    VSS story snippet threads, our best ones in a zine and a read aloud stream



    My lovely viewers helped me reach a January Saturday crafting stream goal. So I'll do an low-key, extra stream January 22. (Discord event invite with full details.)   The end of this month is my 18 month stream-a-versary. I haven't figured out quite what I'll do for the stream that day, but I will have a raffle of some sort.


    Articles Completed

    I hit the 10K for World Ember last week. My WE articles are all housed in the article below. Many need to be edited yet, but that's what these last few days of December are for. ;)
    World Ember 2021
    Events/Collections | Jun 12, 2023



    This year was a hard one for me emotionally. I have had to learn to slow down and take a break between projects. Being a type A, obsessive, this is super hard! But I'm finding that when I rest and give myself a break, I have so much more vibrancy.   One thing I'm trying out is instead of a hard deadline, just making a list of projects in a queue. Some have deadlines by nature, but I'm trying to avoid that. Instead, I'll put how much I think I can work on the project each day. I can rearrange/edit the list as needed. But I have a hard limit on how many I can work on at a time. (Thank you Gregory Lemon, for helping me learn to use a Vision Board.)   How have you all dealt with burnout?

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